Kayak Float Bags / Canoe Float Bags

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Kayak float bags and canoe float bags are essential safety accessories that every paddler should own. A flotation bag acts like an airbag to keep your boat on the surface should you capsize, so don't go out without one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do float bags do for kayaks?

Float bags for kayaks help prevent kayak flooding during hull breaches and other potential failures (capsize). This is done via water displacement and additional buoyancy created by the float bags.

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Keep Your Boat Afloat During Wet Exits With Our Canoe & Kayak Float Bags!

Suppose you properly send it out in the water. In that case, you’ll inevitably have to make a wet exit at some point - and to ensure you can safely rescue or retrieve your boat, you need kayak float bags on board the vessel!

Although modern boats are engineered to remain buoyant even after filling with water, these kayak airbags are an essential safety tool. Sometimes referred to as canoe float bags, these kayak flotation bags are full of air and stored in your boat's fore and/or aft compartments. These kayak floats are designed to float your boat higher in the water when upright, but also to displace hundreds of pounds of water, which could make rescue of your kayak dangerous and unwieldy.

Why Are Kayak Float Bags So Important?

A boat with kayak floats or a canoe with canoe flotation bags is less likely to sink, pin, or wrap around rocks and other river obstacles. Suppose you have ever clipped into a boat full of water or chased a buddy’s kayak as it bobbed under the surface. In that case, you know that rescue of gear and people can be dangerous for everyone involved. The best instruction will always come from an accredited Swift Water Rescue course with lots of practice using your safety gear.

Why We’re the Premier Choice for Canoe Airbags & Kayak Float Bags Online

Our selection of top-quality canoe airbags and kayak float bags is as good as possible, curated from the industry’s top vendors like NRS, Salamander, and more.

We also have so many different floating bag styles to choose from. We have the resources and knowledge you need to pick a suitable kayak floating bag the first time. Read below for a quick introduction.

How to Choose the Right Kayak Airbags or Canoe Float Bags

These kayak floats come in many sizes that can fit everything from the smallest playboats to the largest sea kayaks. In a whitewater kayak, a pair of long, triangular-shaped float bags fit on either side of the kayak’s central pillar.

Most boats over 8 feet will also accept these kayak float bags in the bow. Measure the compartment of your boat you’d like to fill and buy canoe floats or floats for kayaks that are a little larger than your measurements. Float bags are great for sea kayaks, too!

Some manufacturers have combined the idea of a dry bag with floatation for kayaks to produce the storage or stow float. Since gear and the air surrounding it are less dense than water, kayak floatation bags can perform two vital functions simultaneously!

Stow floats close like a dry bag, and then fill the remainder of the compartment with air for a solid float bag that simultaneously keeps your gear dry. Two birds with one stone!

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