Kayak Paddle Leashes

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Keep Your Paddles Safe and Secure With Our Kayak Paddle Leashes!

There is nothing worse than enjoying a fun day on the water kayaking or rafting and losing a paddle. This is most common while you’re whitewater rafting or kayaking, but it can happen in any type of water. Don’t risk this happening to you - it can be frustrating, inconvenient, and most of all, expensive if you end up losing the paddle altogether!

When you shop at Outdoorplay, you can prevent any paddle-related crises by investing in kayak paddle leashes. These will save you a plunge in the water, along with the expense of replacing your paddle. You’ll find the top brands, like NRS, North Water, and more, all at the lowest prices online - so shop now!

Are These Kayak Paddle Leashes Really Worth It?

Kayak paddles are expensive - if you lose yours, you’ll regret not investing in kayak paddle leashes. Trust us.

In the best-case scenario, you have to jump in the water and swim after your paddle. In a worst-case scenario, however, you may lose your paddle altogether. Not only will you have to shell out the money for a brand new oar or paddle, but you also don’t really have a way to get back home!

That’s why you should invest in paddle leashes. These help keep your oar or paddle secured to your wrist and prevent either of the scenarios we listed above. If you do end up slipping up and dropping your paddle, it will drag behind and you can pull it back in by the leash - crisis averted!

What Makes Outdoorplay The Best Place To Find Kayak Paddle Leashes

Our selection of paddle leashes features the top products from the best brands in the entire kayaking and paddling industry. These are super affordable too, especially when you consider how much money they can save you by preventing the loss of a paddle.

Here at Outdoorplay, we’re passionate about helping fellow outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the water as much as we do. That means we get you the products you need at prices that work for you. If you find one of the products listed on our site for a lower price, simply reach out and we’ll match it!

We also have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you pick the right products for your next excursion - so don’t be shy. We’re available via phone, email, or chat. And, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee* on all the products in our catalog.

Find All Your Other Kayaking & Rafting Essentials At Outdoorplay!

Along with our kayak paddle leashes, you’ll find all the kayaking gear you need to enjoy your next day on the water in comfort, safety, and style! Here are some of our most popular collections:

So, shop now and grab all the things you need in one convenient shopping trip. And remember, if you ever have questions, we’re available 7-days a week by phone call, email, or chat!