Ultimate Guide to Kayak Spray Skirts

September 14, 2023

Ultimate Guide to Kayak Spray Skirts

Spray skirts are unnecessary for some kayakers, but they are helpful or even essential for others. A spray skirt, known as a kayak skirt or a spray deck, keeps water out of the cockpit when paddling a sit-in kayak.

So, do you need a kayak skirt? How do you use a spray skirt? Are kayak spray skirts dangerous? This article and video below by champion kayaker Ken Whiting will answer all these questions and more!

What you'll learn:

  • Why use a Spray Skirt?
  • Do you need a Spray Skirt?
  • How to choose the right Spray Deck
  • The different styles of Skirts: nylon, neoprene, rubber rands, and hybrid spray deck
  • Tips for using a Spray Deck

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Why use a Spray Skirt while Kayaking?

Spray skirts are an often-overlooked safety accessory for kayaking, especially when paddling through rough waters or rapids. They seal the cockpit, preventing water from flooding the kayak, which could lead to swamping and even a situation where it becomes unstable and difficult to manage. 

Additionally, a spray skirt makes it easy to execute rolling maneuvers in a capsize where you find yourself underneath the kayak in the water. With enough torque, paddlers can roll themselves and the kayak back upright. This capability is essential for advanced kayakers, especially those who navigate fast-flowing rapids & steep drops. Without it, they face a significant drowning risk. 

Do You Need A Spray Skirt for Kayak?

Spray skirts are only necessary for kayakers who navigate rough waters, such as white-water rapids or sea kayaking, where the chances of capsizing and swamping are high. The kayak spray skirts keep water out and help the paddlers roll & recover the boat safely.  But anyone kayaking in calm, sheltered waters, especially recreationally in lakes or slow-moving rivers, probably can use a spray skirt. Most recreational boats, like inflatable kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks, don’t accommodate spray skirts, as these size kayaks aren’t meant to be rolled. 

How to Choose the Right Spray Skirt

Choosing the right spray skirt involves careful consideration of the kayak's specific dimensions, particularly the cockpit size, to ensure the skirt fits snugly and effectively. You must assess the kayaking conditions you'll face, as rougher waters demand a more secure and water-tight seal by high-performance neoprene skirts. In contrast, calmer conditions might only necessitate basic nylon skirts for splash protection. 

Types of Spray Skirts

There are several types of spray skirts for kayaking, all of which vary in use case, preference, and cost: 

  • Nylon Skirts offer essential splash protection with a bungee Rand for a more flexible fit, suitable for less intense kayaking conditions.
  • Neoprene Skirts provide a high-performance, tight seal against water entry, ideal for rough waters and ensuring the kayak remains dry inside.
  • Rubber Rands offers a rigid seal for experienced white-water paddlers who need maximum protection.
  • Hybrid Spray Decks combine the breathability and comfort of nylon tunnels with the watertight seal of a neoprene deck, offering a balance between protection and comfort for varied conditions.

To enhance safety and comfort while kayaking, wear paddling tops equipped with double tunnels beneath the spray skirt, which will effectively boost water resistance. And rather than pulling the skirt over you, step into it to create a secure and precise fit. This will also avoid damaging it, ensuring maximum protection and extending the skirt’s lifespan. Most importantly, maintain the grab loop's position outside and within easy reach to facilitate swift exits in any emergency, prioritizing your safety in various kayaking conditions.

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