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    12 years ago
    Salamander Golden Retriever Kayak Throw Rope & Tow Tether

    So the bag doesn't hold more than 55' of rope. The truth is, how many people can actually throw a bag more than 50'. I'm not a weak person, I can throw a football 35 yards. However, I'll be damn lucky if I can toss a rope bag more than 50 ft. I also own a 70ft 3/8" NRS bag, and I can honestly say I've never tossed it 70ft, even with an overhead side toss using my entire body. One day I decided to try to toss it to end end of rope in my yard. After about thirty tosses I quit before I really hurt my shoulder. The beauty of the bag, it's always with me. When we get out to scout, I have the bag, so we don't have to walk all the way back to top, retrieve a bag, & come back down for someone to make a run. This worked out beautifully a month ago when five of us ran a creek that none have ever seen before. Lots of scouting and bushwacking. The towing capability is probably fairly limited. I'll use it to tow, but only in water that I'm sure I can manage. I have my doubts about how easy the belt buckle can be undone under heavy load. This doesn't have the same metal clip that a real tow harness has, which makes it a cake to release the belt buckle, even under load.

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