Kayak Trailers

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About Kayak Trailers

We know first hand that getting your boat to the water should be easy and stress-free. If you are an active kayaker with more boats and gear than can comfortably fit on a car roof rack, you may want to consider a kayak trailer. The only time you wouldn't consider a kayak trailer is if you are paddling an inflatable kayak.

Kayak Trailer Benefits
  • Easy to Load - Trailers sit lower than cars, so loading your boat onto a trailer is far easier than hoisting it onto your vehicle's roof rack.
  • Low wind resistance - Unlike a fully loaded roof rack, a trailer is pulled behind the car and will not generate as much wind resistance at higher speeds and reduce your gas mileage.
  • Storage space - Trailers allow much more space for additional boats, bikes, camping gear - you name it. A good kayak trailer can also serve as a storage rack, keeping your kayaks from being damaged while not in use.
  • Weight capacity - Kayak trailers have higher weight capacity specs, so you can load up the heavy stuff.

Kayak trailers are a great fit for group outings or those of us who can't help but bring along an extra boat and some gear. But there are a few questions you'll want to answer when considering if a kayak trailer is the right fit for you.

Other Considerations
  • Does your vehicle have a travel hitch and electrical connectors? Trailers connect to vehicles via hitches and have their own brake lights. If your car, truck, van or SUV does not have a hitch, you'll need to get one installed along with an electrical connector to activate the brake lights.
  • How many kayaks do you want to carry? Trailers come in a variety of sizes, including some with a second tier for even more storage space. There are 1 boat trailers, 2 boat trailers, 3+ boat trailers and combination kayak and bike trailers.
  • Are you comfortable driving with a trailer? Kayak trailers are extremely handy for moving gear, but they are trailers. Meaning you will have to pay attention going around corners, passing other vehicles on the highway and —of course— backing up.
  • Where will you store the trailer when not in use? Eventually, you will need to disconnect your trailer from the vehicle. Think about where to park it during the off-season, and if you want to use it store your boats and gear.
  • How much do you want to spend? Kayak trailers can vary in price. Less expensive trailers cost around a thousand dollars, while the deluxe rigs can go for several thousand. Consider how much equipment you, your family and friends expect bring along on your next adventure.