Kokatat Dry Suits

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Kokatat Dry Suits are the most popular selling suits in the world! They are specifically designed for rafting and kayaking.

When you think about Kokatat dry suits, most likely the first thing that comes to mind is quality. They've been building dry suits since the 1980's. Kokatat is one of the longest-standing GORE-TEX licensees in the world, and for many years, they were the exclusive user of GORE-TEX fabrics in the paddle sports market. Kokatat worked with W.L. Gore for 4 years on the development of the new GORE-TEX PRO laminate. Kokatat dry suits have been using this newer version since the 2022 season. GORE-TEX PRO was engineered specifically to reduce the carbon footprint by using recycled fabrics to reduce water usage and CO2 emissions during production. Team tested and well loved by the Kokatat athletes, GORE-TEX PRO is the most rugged and durable waterproof/breathable fabric available for paddle sports outerwear. Add in Kokatat's tried and true dry suit designs and you've got the winning combination for paddling dry wear!

Kokatat starts their GORE-TEX PRO dry suit line with the rafters', and other non-skirted adventurers' favorite, the Men's and Women's Kokatat Legacy GORE-TEX Pro Dry Suit. These suits feature a covered front chest entry zipper as well as a covered drop seat zipper for women or a front relief zipper for men. In the skirted Gore dry suits, you've got a choice of zippered entry into the suits. The most popular, and the one that sets the standard for dry suits, is the front entry zippered version of the Men's and Women's Meridian GORE-TEX Pro Dry Suit. If you prefer a back zippered entry, then your choice would be the Icon GORE-TEX Pro Dry Suit available in men's and women's versions. And last, but not least, is the Men's and Women's Idol GORE-TEX Pro Dry Suit featuring SwitchZip technology which separates completely at the waist, giving you the versatility of a dry suit and dry top in one garment! If you're a sea kayaker you will want a skirted suit to mate up with a spray skirt but you might also need a suit for ever changing weather. You'll want to check out the Men's and Women's Odyssey GORE-TEX Pro Dry Suit which features a removable hood, reflective trim, self draining sleeve pockets and right thigh pocket. If you don't need a latex neck gasket of a dry suit and would well with the slightly more comfortable semi-dry suit then check out the Kokatat Supernova Angler GORE-TEX Pro Semi-Dry Suit

Kokatat also offers their own line of waterproof and breathable fabric, called Hydrus, for paddlers on a budget but needing the protection that a dry suit can offer. Created in 2006, Hydrus has evolved through the years as one of the top alternatives to GORE-TEX. The Hydrus 3.0 version has been such a wallet-friendly choice for boaters not wanting to sacrifice quality. Their non-skirted model is offered in both a Men's and Women's version, called the Hydrus 3.0 Swift Entry. There is also a Men's and Women's version of the Hydrus 3.0 Swift Entry Dry Suit with Relief Zipper & Socks. You'll also find that Kokatat offers their ever popular Meridian in Hydrus for both men and women. As for a semi-dry suit, Kokatat has a Men's and Women's Hydrus 3.0 SuperNova Semi Dry Suit. And for fishermen, Kokatat has the unisex Supernova Angler Hydrus 3.0 Semi-Dry Suit.

When it comes to staying safe on the water in cold conditions you really need a dry suit. Kokatat dry suits offer a top quality product for every budget. Whether you go for the highly breathable and waterproof GORE-TEX PRO dry suit or a dry suit made from Kokatat's own breathable/waterproof material, Hydrus, you are buying a suit designed for a lifetime! Stay safe and dry in a Kokatat dry or semi-dry suit!