Women's Hiking Pants & Shorts

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Our women's hiking pants and outdoor shorts are made from high-quality technical fabrics that will keep your legs comfortable on long hikes, grueling climbs, and all of your other outdoor adventures.

Outdoor Pants and Hiking Shorts for Women

Made from Lightweight, Technical Materials

Durable and stretchable, our collection of hiking pants for women are made from lightweight, technical materials like nylon and spandex. These are premium adventure fabrics, offering greater durability and increased flexibility for long hikes. And just as with the rest of our women’s outdoor clothing, each of our shorts and pants are made with a quick-dry construction. So in the inevitable event your legs get wet from sweat, rain, or a river traverse, your bottoms will dry quickly to regulate your body temperature and preserve your comfort.

Ultimate Storage & Functionality

Designed with your ultimate adventure in mind, our hiking pants and shorts for women offer unparalleled storage and functionality. Multiple zippered pockets, utility loops, and secure closures keep essentials safe during all-terrain pursuits. Our designs feature elasticized waistbands, adjustable fits, and flattering cuts for all-day comfort. UV protection safeguards against sun exposure on extended outings, especially multi-day hikes. Whether you're hitting the trails or traversing rivers, there are plenty of options, all featuring breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics. From heritage-inspired shorts to high-performance ski pants, each piece will keep you comfortable even in the most unpredictable weather and trail conditions. All of our outdoor women’s bottoms feature a mid rise design for maximum coverage and comfort for all-day wear.