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Quickly Identify Victims With Reliable, Efficient Avalanche Probes From Outdoorplay

Once you’ve located the general area of an avalanche victim, the next step is pinpointing their location. That’s where your avalanche probes come in. Every second counts when dealing with buried victims, so you can’t afford to waste time. This is why you need the absolute best snow probes possible. 

Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll find here at Outdoorplay. We’ve curated the most reliable, efficient avalanche snow probes from the top brands in the industry: Ortovox and Black Diamond. You can shop in confidence here knowing you’re getting the best of the best. So, browse the offerings above and be prepared for a worst-case scenario!

Why Buy Snow Probes From Outdoorplay?

What makes Outdoorplay the best place to buy snow probes online? Not only do we have the best selection, but we also have the best service to back it up. 

Since 1995, we’ve been helping fellow outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the snow in all its glory - with the right gear, clothing, and safety essentials. You can trust that the brands and products you see in our collection have been carefully vetted - and are a great choice. Our probes are sturdy, lightweight, and collapse so that they can easily be stored in your pack.

Not sure which one is right for you? Keep reading - we’ll break down some key features. Or, reach out to us via live chat, phone, or email. Chatting with people like you and helping you get the products you need is the best part of our day. 

Key Features To Help You Find The Best Avalanche Probes

Not all probes are created equal. You can shop our collection above knowing that - no matter which product you go with - you’re getting one of the best products in the industry. We’ve done the hard work of curating only the best of the best for you. But, here are a few key features to look for:

  • Quick Assembly & Quick Release: When it comes to saving trapped victims, mere seconds can be the difference between “just in time” and “too late”. Look for probes that assemble quickly and release quickly.
  • High Stability: For effective, efficient probing, you need stable, rigid probes. This keeps your probing efforts accurate and straight. Keep in mind - stability requires heavier probes, which compromise on the lightweight aspect.
  • Length: Look for probes that are capable of probing over 240cm in length (when all probes are attached together).
  • Visual Guide: After pinpointing a buried victim, you should be able to quickly glance at the probe and know exactly how far down they are.
  • Probe Tip: It goes without saying you need a sharp tip capable of penetrating deep snow - and even ice, in some cases. 
  • Materials: For the best balance of strength/rigidity while still being lightweight, stick with aluminum.

Avalanche Probes Are Just A Small Part Of What We Offer:

Now there is just one thing left to do - pick the right choice from the options above. While you’re here, grab all the other snow safety gear you need, such as:

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