Avalanche Shovels

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Be Prepared For Emergency Rescue With An Avalanche Shovel From Outdoorplay!

You never go up to the mountain anticipating an avalanche - but you always need to be prepared for one. Grabbing your avalanche float pack and avalanche transceiver is a great start - but what else do you need? That’s right - an avalanche shovel.

An avalanche snow shovel will help you save the lives of anyone trapped in an avalanche. As you can imagine, this is not a purchase you should take lightly. Finding the right product can be the difference between saving lives and simply recovering a body. While this sounds grim, these shovels aren’t just used in emergency situations - you’ll also use your shovel to build ramps for sledding or boarding on, building a fun little igloo for the kids, or even as a platform for your stove!

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Why Buy Your Avalanche Snow Shovel At Outdoorplay?

What makes Outdoorplay the premier choice for avalanche snow shovels? Simple - we are lifelong snow enthusiasts ourselves. As such, we know the importance of quality tools and gear. We also know what makes quality tools and gear - and we’ve worked tirelessly to curate that for you here in our catalog.

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And, we offer unparalleled customer support. We’re passionate about helping others stay safe and enjoy the snow as much as we do. If you ever need help placing an order, picking a product, or understanding how to use it - reach out via phone, email, or live chat.

How To Choose An Avalanche Shovel

What should you look for to help you choose the best avalanche shovel possible? There are a few key factors that separate the best from the rest. Here is what you should look for:

  • Material: it goes without saying that some materials are superior to others. A plastic shovel will be very light, but ineffective at quickly digging out avalanche victims. Stick with metal snow shovels. Particularly, aluminum snow shovels (they’re lightweight and high strength).
  • Comfort: you want a shovel that feels good in your hands and allows you to dig quickly and aggressively - without sacrificing comfort. Consider whether the shovel features integrated ergonomics or not.
  • Blade: There are four types of blades: flat, scooped, serrated, and holed. These all have their place, but the holed (or riveted) style is best for slicing through avalanche debris.
  • Handle & Shaft: you want a shovel that is compact - some shafts are telescoping or segmented to easily fit in your pack. Also, consider the handle - look for one with superior grip
  • Hoe Feature: some shovels can be angled into a “hoe” to help you chop away at snow or ice rather than shovel.

Find All Your Other Avalanche Safety Gear Here Too!

Now that you know what to look for in the best avalanche shovel, there is just one thing left to do - shop here at Outdoorplay and find yours! Along with avalanche snow shovels, we have all the other snow gear you need to stay safe, comfortable, and enjoy a fun day outdoors: