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Why Buy Skis Online At Outdoorplay?

With all the ski shops around your favorite mountain - and all the other retailers online - why buy skis online at Outdoorplay? Since 1995, we’ve been the premier choice for all things snow gear. But what makes the experience here at Outdoorplay different? Well, there are a few reasons we’re the preferred choice among skiers like yourself. 

First and foremost, our selection cannot be beaten. We have an abundance of styles, price ranges, and sizes. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or going on a backcountry trip, you’re in the right place. We mean it when we say your perfect pair is here waiting - you just need to find it! And if you are struggling to find the right pair, don’t stress. You can reach us via phone, email, or even live chat with any questions. As lifelong skiers ourselves, we’re passionate about helping others enjoy the slopes as much as we do.

Tips To Help You Pick The Right Pair

Picking the right pair of backcountry skis is no easy task. It can be the difference between a memorable experience you can’t wait to recreate and a day of misery. So, what should you keep in mind when shopping? Here are some tips to help you get the perfect pair:

  • Type Of Skiing: As you can probably imagine, there are different skis for different situations. If you do a lot of uphill trekking, you’ll want to focus on keeping your weight low. But, if you’re more inclined to hit the slopes at your favorite resort, you’ll want beefier, downhill performance skis. Similarly, consider the snow you frequent. If it’s soft powder, you’ll want wider skis that help keep you afloat. Narrower skis are better suited for hard-packed snow, on the other hand.
  • Sizing The Length Of Your Skis: Your height will affect how long your skis are. But, your skiing preferences factor in too. If you want to be more aggressive, you’ll want longer, heavier skis. But if you want more maneuverability than outright speed, shorter is preferred. A long pair of skis is also better at helping you stay on top of the snow.
  • Rocker vs Camber: There are two main profiles of backcountry skis - rocker and camber. Camber skis bow out on the ends. Typically, the middle of the ski (where your foot rests) doesn’t actually touch the snow until you put your foot in it to add weight. This allows greater stability. Rocker skis, on the other hand, have the middle resting on the snow while the front and back are elevated off the snow. This allows greater maneuverability and flotation.

Other Skiing Essentials We Offer:

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