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Find The Best Selection Of High Quality Carbon Ski Poles At Outdoorplay!

Looking to improve your balance, rhythm, accuracy, and timing while enhancing your support on the slopes or in the backcountry? If so, you could probably use a new pair of high-quality, properly sized carbon ski poles. The right poles make all the difference and can help you truly unlock a level of skiing you may have never experienced before.

And for the best selection online, look no further than Outdoorplay. We’ve curated the top products from the most highly sought-after brands in skiing. When you shop with us, you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Enjoy perks like free shipping on orders over $49, price matching, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Is Outdoorplay Really The Best Place To Buy Carbon Fiber Ski Poles?

Maybe you heard from your friends that Outdoorplay is the #1 place to find all your ski essentials - or perhaps you saw us recommended online. Whatever the case, you may be asking yourself - is Outdoorplay really the best place to buy carbon fiber ski poles online? The answer is yes - and here’s why:

We’re lifelong skiers ourselves and have been helping our fellow outdoor enthusiasts since 1995. We take great pride in curating the top selection of products available so you can enjoy the great outdoors as they were intended: safely and in comfort & style. And because poles are so important, we have every size, style, and feature you could ever need.

Not sure which pole is right for you? That’s where we come in. We’re available via phone, email, or live chat to help you pick the right product and assist in placing your order, price matching, or even offering support after the sale. 

We’ll Help You Pick The Right Carbon Fiber Ski Poles

The most important thing when buying new carbon ski poles is sizing. You want to get this aspect right - or even the highest quality, most innovative poles won’t work the way you want. Too short and your pole won’t plant correctly - affecting turning. Too long, and your pole will just get in the way and make your day more difficult. 

Fortunately, there are sizing charts that most manufacturers provide. Otherwise, you can grab a pole (or if you don’t have one, a stick/similar item) and hold it upside down so the grip touches the floor. With your elbow at your side, your arm should be at a 90-degree angle. Keep in mind the terrain and style you ski affect your length too - Backcountry, park, and powder skiers will want a shorter pole.

We recommend sticking with carbon ski poles because they are as light, flexible, and strong as it gets - without being overpriced. You should also find grips that fit your preferences - some have finger slots while others have smooth grips (the type of gloves you wear affect the ideal choice). 

Finally, consider the basket of the pole. This will vary depending on the type of terrain you frequent. More powder means you want a wider basket - as the deep stuff requires more surface area to help you push through and make turns. But if you stick to parks and groomed areas, smaller baskets are fine.

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