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About MSR

MSR is a manufacturer of outdoor gear, including tents, camping stoves, cookware, snowshoes and snow tools. Founded in 1969 by Seattle engineer and lifelong mountaineer Larry Penberthy, MSR began as a newsletter - called Mountain Safety Research - committed to improving climbing safety. Penberthy's goal was to make the best information and gear available to climbers, and if no one was making it he'd come up with it himself. Over time, the newsletter relied more and more on the sale of new mountaineering equipment. Many of the products were developed by Penberthy himself, usually as a response to real-world challenges he experienced as a climber.

Today, the MSR team is still dedicated to designing high-quality products that offer greater performance, reliability and safety in the backcountry. MSR is based in Seattle, Washington, and is a subsidiary of Cascade Designs.