Paddling Towards Sustainability: A Look at Level Six's Environmental Initiatives

March 25, 2024

Paddling Towards Sustainability: A Look at Level Six's Environmental Initiatives

In the world of outdoor adventures, it's crucial to remember our responsibility in preserving the environment we cherish. At Outdoorplay, we're not just about providing gear for your adventures; we're committed to promoting sustainable brands that protect our planet for generations to come.

Today, we're thrilled to shine a spotlight on Level Six, a brand that shares our passion for sustainability. Level Six isn't just about crafting top-notch paddling gear; they're dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment. Let's dive into some of the remarkable sustainability initiatives they've undertaken.

Eco-Friendly Materials:

Level Six understands that the materials used in their products play a significant role in minimizing their environmental footprint. That's why they prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp in their apparel. By choosing sustainable materials, they reduce the demand for virgin resources and help divert waste from landfills.

Clean Water Initiatives:

Water is not just a playground for paddlers; it's a precious resource that sustains life. Level Six is committed to protecting waterways through their Clean Water Initiatives. They collaborate with organizations dedicated to river conservation, supporting projects that restore and preserve aquatic ecosystems. From river clean-ups to water quality monitoring, Level Six actively works to ensure that our rivers remain pristine for future generations to enjoy.

Carbon Offsetting:

Acknowledging the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and shipping their products, Level Six takes proactive steps to offset their emissions. They invest in carbon offset projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as reforestation efforts and renewable energy initiatives. By offsetting their carbon footprint, Level Six demonstrates their commitment to climate action and environmental stewardship.

Product Repair and Recycling:

In a throwaway culture, Level Six stands out by promoting product longevity and sustainability. They offer repair services for their gear, extending its lifespan and reducing the need for replacements. Additionally, they encourage customers to recycle their old gear through their Gear Trade-In Program. By giving gear a second life or recycling it responsibly, Level Six minimizes waste and conserves resources.

Transparent Supply Chain:

Level Six believes in transparency and accountability throughout their supply chain. They prioritize working with suppliers who share their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. By maintaining a transparent supply chain, Level Six ensures that their products meet high environmental and social standards, from sourcing to production.

At Outdoorplay, we're proud to stock brands like Level Six that are leading the way in sustainable outdoor gear. By choosing Level Six products, you're not just investing in quality gear; you're supporting a brand that values environmental conservation and sustainability.

As outdoor enthusiasts, it's our collective responsibility to tread lightly on the planet and leave no trace of our adventures. Together with Level Six and other like-minded brands, we can paddle towards a more sustainable future, one stroke at a time.

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Erika PaciniHead of MarketingErika is a novice adventurer and dedicated member of the Outdoorplay family for over two years. With a passion for hiking, biking, and all things outdoors, she's always on the hunt for new trails, waterfalls, and secluded beaches to explore. Erika's passion for the natural world and mindfulness fuels her desire to inspire others to deepen their connection with themselves and nature through outdoor adventures.