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Trango Squid Rock Climbing Clip Stick
  • $29.95
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Squid Rock Climbing Clip Stick

  • Revolutionary stick clip
  • Works with any standard paint pole
  • Tabs for easy rope clipping
  • Clips and UnClips quickdraws
  • 70 g - 2.5 oz
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    Trango Squid Rock Climbing Clip Stick - The Squid Clip Stick by Trango is a revolutionary stick clip that allows you to clip rope and hang draws, as well as UnClip. The Squid does a great job of clipping out-of-reach bolts and allows you to UN-clip biners from those same bolts. When combined with a stiff pole, its unique fingers at the end of the pivot-arm grab the gate and open it with a pull, letting you take the biner out of the bolt. If you are looking for equipment that will pay for itself in recovered draws in just a few days, you have found it with the Squid UnClip Stick by Trango.

    Trango Squid Clip Stick - will work with any standard paint pole. The pole needs to be stiff; the Squid will not work with a tent pole.

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    Well I have never owned another stick clip and it was either get this or a fat bastard crash pad....I dont do a whole lot of bouldering so I went with the squid. You definitely have to play around with it to figure out how it works but after a few times at the crag; or gym for practice; this thing is quite nice. The plastic does feel cheap but my girl friend wussed out on this 20 foot first bolt and used the squid with ease from a stance about 4 feet off the deck; dont ask; anyway she dropped it...and the thing stood up to it..I am impressed. Per someones comments about geting the draws off...I think it is easier than putting them on...and I dont use the rope clip arms I just clip the rope before I hang the draw. Overall a decent little product that can protect a ground fall or ease you Gf's mind while shes leading. 4 Biners for me!


    Louisville, KY


    Squid Climbing Clip Stick by Trango for Climbing

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