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Riverside Cartop Carriers Universal Kayak Carrier Kit
  • $64.90
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Sports Riverside Cartop Carriers Universal Kayak Carrier Ki

  • Holds one kayak
  • 2 - 18-in foam blocks w/ No-Skid bottoms
  • 1 - 15-ft heavy-duty utility strap
  • 2 - 18-ft bow & stern tie-down straps
  • 2 - 9-ft block straps
  • 4 - bumper hooks
  • Reusable mesh bag
  • Instructions included
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    Riverside Cartop Carriers Universal Kayak Carrier Kit - The Universal Kayak Carrier Kit by Riverside Cartop Carriers allows you to mount your kayak on almost any vehicle. The blocks come with a No-Skid anti-slipping bottom that's perfect for use on vehicles without racks. The blocks are also compatible with factory racks and aftermarket cross rails to cushion your kayak. The kit includes everything you need to strap your kayak to your car, along with a reusable mesh bag for added convenience and storage. The Riverside Cartop Carriers Universal Kayak Carrier Kit is an inexpensive way to transport your kayak on your vehicle, with or without a roof rack.

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    If you are looking for a quick-fix to get your kayak from A to B without installing an expensive rack, here it is. I used it to strap a 16' kayak to the top of my PT Cruiser and had no problem. It comes with two stiff foam blocks for the kayak to rest on that protect your roof, and plenty of straps for the front middle and rear. Once I got it strapped down, it wasn't going anywhere. I had to apply the brakes pretty hard when someone pulled out in front of me, and the kayak didn't budge. I even got out on the interstate for a time. Not sure if it is intended for long distances, but if you have a vehicle without a roof rack and need to move a kayak, this is your ticket. And I am sure the straps could be used for carrying other things as well.



    Those of you who are getting into kayaking know how quickly the money flies away as you begin outfitting. You walk into a store, look at the pretty boats, and say to yourself, "mmm, that's a nice chunk of change, but the budget wouldn't be stretched completely to the breaking point." Then you look at paddles, PFDs, skirts, bilge pumps, & paddle floats, and your budgetary camel is begging to go to the chiropractor before it's too late! OK, rant over. Suffice it to say that it's a great product, at an acceptable price, that does what it's billed as doing. SYOR




    Universal Kayak Carrier Kit by Riverside Cartop Carriers for Kayaking

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