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Seals Sprayskirts Deluxe Seal Kayak Cockpit Cover
  • $35.90 – $37.90
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Deluxe Kayak Cockpit Cover

  • Tear-resistant cargo cover material
  • Superior UV protection
  • Rim grip technology
  • Adjustable bungee cord rim attachment
  • Hull strap security feature
  • Double-stitched seams
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    Seals Sprayskirts Deluxe Seal Kayak Cockpit Cover - Keep dirt, critters and rain out of your kayak! The Deluxe Seal Kayak Cockpit Cover is designed to stay with your boat no matter what the conditions. This kayak cover is constructed of tear-resistant cargo cover material for superior UV protection. The shockcord grips the cockpit rim, but is easy to take on and off. Double-stitched seams ensure long-lasting durability.

    Please note: The 7.5 deck is a custom size for the stern cockpit on a Necky Manitou II kayak.

    Click Here For A Sizing Chart

    We're going on our second set of kayaks this season and started using the Seals cockpit covers last year. Their very easy to put on, clip the front to your bungees on your deck and wrap the strap around your hull/cockpit. These covers are there to stay....even at 75mph down the freeway!

    Richard Seward

    Las Cruces, NM


    We bought 2 of these for our kayaks when we took a trip from Arizona to Arkansas June 2008. Now if you have ever traveled northern Texas and into Oklahoma on I-40 you know how bad the winds can get. They were so bad the bolts on my Yakima Hullraiser J-Cradle bent but the Seals Cockpit Covers didn't budge. 12 out of 10! Yes, it's better than a ten!

    Gene Cyrus


    This kayak cover is worth the extra ten bucks. Why buy a cover that fails to keep the water out of your cockpit? If you're in the market, don't bother with the cheaper covers. All they can do is keep the bugs out. This one is guaranteed to keep your cockpit dry in a deluge.

    Karl Elliott


    I agree with everything the previous reviewer said. High quality materials and construction, intelligent design, including the clip to secure the cover to the deck rigging (although I doubt it would ever come off unintentionally unless it wasn't put on correctly. And...it fits perfectly. What a difference from other covers we tried.

    Lee Emanuel Freer


    After years of struggling with cheap cockpit covers from a variety of suppliers, which with the boat on the car at speed flew off (wound up stretching bungees across the cockpit coaming to keep them attached, they stay put but eventually cause rips in the nylon) even when tightening the internal shock cord to the point that it was nearly impossible to get the cover on. Then I found the Seals Standard cover which has a non-slip covering of the shock cord which reduces the fly off problem but is still made of a water resistant nylon that regardless of how many times I spray them with waterproofing, leak when the kayak is upright and there is a downpour which pools on the cover. I bought another used boat and went to buy another Seal Standard cover and happened to notice the Seals Deluxe Cockpit cover and found all my prayers answered. It has the same non-slip shockcord cover as the Standard, but adds the following features. It appears to be made from the same heavy duty material as river rafts and dry bags so I have not had a problem with water seeping through whatsoever. There is a clip on the grab loop for attaching to front deck rigging. Finally, there is a nylon strap that is attached to the middle of the deck cover and has an adjustable quick release buckle for encircling the hull to prevent the cover from being pulled off regardless of how fast you drive down the highway. As Seals makes these in a variety of sizes, and has a fit guide for virtually any kayak ever made, as my other covers wear out or I wind up with a new boat needing a cover it will always be the Seal Deluxe Cockpit Cover. Worth the premium over the standard Seal Cover and worth TEN times the typical cheapie cover!

    Walter Greenfield


    The SEAL cover is of the highest quality and it has a thick shock cord to seal the cockpit. I am very pleased with my purchase.

    Mark Ransom

    Yuba City, CA


    I purchased my first cover in June. Loved it so much that I purchased a second one for my sea kayak last month.They work great and I love the wrap around strap. I have made several trips to the west coast and never worried about them staying in place even at freeway speed. I plan on purchasing 2 more for my son. I highly reccommend it.

    Bob Stone

    Bozeman, MT


    Rather a newbie to Kayaking. . .so I rely on companies like Outdoorplay & their great Customer Service to walk me through what I need in the way of accessories and the like. I also rely on Reviews by prior customers in the decision making process. I bought two of these cockpit covers and could not be more delighted. They fit perfectly, made of first materials, and reasonably priced. Could have purchased something cheaper from someone else but I consider this an investment in quality and service. Thanks to all, and, 'Happy Kayaking'!!

    Barry Dodson

    Orlando, Florida


    Buy one, they're great. You can throw your loose kayaking gear inside the cockpit, put the cover on and head down the road without worrying something is going to blow out. They're also great when storing your kayak to keep the spiders out and for those overnight trips when you don't want unexpected guests taking up lodging in your kayak at night.


    Pacific NW


    Deluxe Seal Kayak Cockpit Cover for Kayaking by Seals Sprayskirts

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