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Sea Eagle Sport 370 Inflatable Kayak Pro Tandem Package
  • $344.00
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Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak Pro Tandem Package

Pro Tandem Package includes:

  • 2 AB30 4-piece paddles
  • 2 Deluxe kayak seats
  • A41 foot pump & pressure gauge
  • Carry bag
  • Repair kit
  • Printed instructions

Sport SE370 features:

  • 33mm Polykrylar fabric
  • Sun & saltwater resistant
  • I-beam floor construction
  • 3 air chambers
  • Inflatable bow/stern spray skirts
  • 5 deluxe 1-way valves
  • 2 bottom tracking skegs
  • Front & rear rope carry handles
  • Self-bailing drain valve
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty

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Length Width Tube Diam Interior Chambers Weight Capacity Folded Size
12'6" 34" 10" 10'8" x 13" 3 32 lbs. 2 - 3 ppl/ 650 lbs. 31" x 19" x 8"

Save big! - This package includes the Sea Eagle Sport SE370 Inflatable Kayak, 2 AB30 paddles, 2 Deluxe kayak seats, A41 foot pump, repair kit, and a carry bag. You'll also enjoy a 15% discount on other accessories purchased with your package, plus the added savings of Free Shipping & No Sales Tax. You can’t beat that deal! (limited time offer - order today & SAVE).

Sport SE370 Inflatable Kayak: The SeaEagle 330 has a big sister, the Sport SE370 Inflatable Kayak. The rugged PolyKrylar fabric is tough enough to withstand dog paws, and the I-beam floor increases rigidity. Seams are welded with 10,000 volts of power, fusing the material into one solid structure. The versatile SE370 weighs in at 32 lbs. and packs down small enough to fit in your car's trunk. It's easily carried and paddled by one, yet rugged enough to hold 3 people or 650 lbs. Two molded skegs keep the SE370 tracking smoothly across the water, so you go faster and further with less effort. You can carry enough gear for that long weekend trip of fishing, exploring or river running in the Sea Eagle Sport SE370 Inflatable Kayak.

Deluxe Kayak Seats (2): These great inflatable seats provide superior back support for paddling and fishing. The design allows you to sit 5 inches off the floor for a drier ride. 14 inches of back support will keep you comfortable all day long A rear pocket gives you additional storage options. (14 inches wide x 21 inches deep x 19 inches tall).

AB30 4-Part Kayak Paddles (2): These asymetrical paddles are great for all conditions. The aluminum shaft and Fibrylon blades are a perfect mix of value and durability. The blades can feather to 65 degrees to improve wind resistance, and the AB30 disconnects into 4 parts for easy storage and transport. (2.62 lbs, 239cm length)

A41 Large Bellows Pump: This high-capacity footpump is made of durable ABS plastic. The bellows design makes it quick and easy to pump up your boat by foot, and also packs down for easy travel. The A41 includes a triple-styled nozzle for use with Sea Eagle's deluxe one-way valves.

Carry Bag: This heavy-duty 440-denier nylon carry bag makes transporting your Sea Eagle easy. It includes a convenient shoulder strap and drawstring closure. Measures 26 inches by 48 inches.

Repair Kit: This essential repair kit includes two 4-in x 3-in white patches and two tubes of glue packed into a water-resistant shell.

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Got the package on the third day, well packaged with additional card board to prevent knife cut on the opening. The installation is simple but putting the valve on was the most difficult part, you have to stretch hard. Foot pump is easy to use, pumping it up in 5-6 minutes. I tried it on in Berkeley Marina, sunny, wind speed around 15 knots, some waves. The kayak handles the wave really good, as long as you keep your boat perpendicular to the wave. I had 3 persons on it (around 450 bl) , very stable. This is the first time I'm kayaking, so basically no skills, but with the skeg in the bottom, I can keep the kayak straight without any problem. The seats are the weak point, the back can't give any support (there is a video on Youtube telling you have to improve this issue with some Dollar Store stuff), I gave the two seats to the other two persons, and I feel more comfortable just sit on the bottom on the back. The deflate process is really easy and smooth, twist open the valve, the air came out itself, then you can roll it up and put it back in the bag. In general, a really good kayak.



I recently got into kayaking by way of some friends. They had two boats so the three of us would rotate so we could all have some fun. It was fun, but when you'd like everyone out on the water at the same time, you will obviously need a third boat. Being an apartment dweller I couldn't really keep a hard shell kayak anywhere. Nor did I want to haul one up and down three flight of stairs every time I felt like hitting the water. After a lot of research I decided on the Sea Eagle SE370. And I'm pretty dang happy. Storage, set up, moving: It easy to set up. The first couple of times might take you a bit longer than advertised, but after that, it's a smooth process. Moving it to the water has one real issue: The carry bag should have two straps instead of one. The single strap will dig into your shoulder on longer walks to the water. I've since started inflating it right out of the car instead of hauling the bag to the launch site. Still, while that eliminates the pain of the single shoulder strap it is awkward to carry for a quarter mile. Storage is pretty easy. The boat in its bag will easily fit in a closet while it patiently waits for its next use. Major drawback, you cannot fit the paddles in the carry bag with the SE370. It might be possible with the smaller SE330, but it just won't happen with the 370. The boat, seats, and pump take up all of the space. If you're really determined, maybe you can cram the paddles in, but not wanting to break anything I haven't tried to force it. Outside of the single shoulder strap on the carry bag, this thing is great. On the water: Talk about stable. Between my efforts to tip it, and my friends more extreme attempts, I feel safe saying it will not tip. It's more likely to toss you out before it tips over. Since I'm not a strong swimmer that makes me feel very comfortable in it. Performance, you're not getting anywhere very fast. You won't get anywhere in a terribly straight line either. Sitting slightly aft of the middle of the boat as the directions suggest works, but you will be zig-zagging across the water. And probably fighting against a current that's out to make you spin in place. Alternate approach if you're going out solo on flat water, sit all the way in the back. It helps quite a bit with keeping a straight line, but wind will be a bigger issue. You can handle wind a little better if you're towards the middle of the boat, but currents are less of an issue in the back. It can't be called a major drawback though because it seems to be the nature of all inflatable kayaks from what I've learned. Maybe the more expensive ones are better at that, but for the price this little thing is pretty good as long as speed isn't a concern. Construction: Solid. Seriously. It's been put through a fair bit since I bought it and it doesn't even have a scratch on it. There are a couple mud stains, but nothing else. No complaints here at all.



Sport SE370 Inflatable Kayak Pro Tandem Package by Sea Eagle for kayaking

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