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North Water 4-Bailer Kayak Throw Bag
  • $29.95
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Water 4 Bailer Kayak Throw Bag

  • High-tenacity military spec pack cloth bag
  • 50 ft of 1/4in high-quality floating line
  • Durable mesh ventilation panel
  • Heavy duty webbing handle/attachment point
  • 1-liter bailing bucket
  • Waterproof pea-less whistle
  • High-visibility reflective tape
  • 290g
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    North Water 4-Bailer Throw Bag - The 4-Bailer throw bag by North Water is the ultimate multipurpose essential. Made of pack cloth and heavy duty webbing, the 4-Bailer offers 50 feet of floating line for swimmer rescues. A mesh ventilation panel lets the rope air out. The 1-liter bailing bucket helps removes water after a wet exit or swamped deck. A waterproof pea-less whistle is attached to the bag and high visibility reflective tape finishes everything off. The North Water 4-Bailer throw bag is a great piece of safety gear to keep close by.
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    This is a big improvement over one of those hard plastic bulky bucket safety kits, especially if you are planning to portage a canoe. During previous (tandem) canoe trips we used a "safety" kit, it was in the way all the time, during portages hanging from the front or back of the canoe it would bounce off stuff and became a safety hazard. Recently I brought one of these on a week long solo canoe trip with 14km worth of portages and it was very convienient, it can be strapped anywhere and does not get in the way. During portages it can optionally be stapped to or thrown into a pack easily. The bailer function works OK although I did not get much water in the canoe and only used it for that once. The rope has not yet been thrown but I can see how it would be much easier to throw than to have to unscrew the lid from a pail. If I had find something to complain about it would be that the strap slides through the buckle easily, not to worry though as it will stop at the end.




    4-Bailer Throw Bag by North Water for Kayaking

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