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Kayak Lake Troller Downrigger
  • $81.11
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Troller Downrigger

  • Stainless steel and nylon construction
  • Drag brake system
  • 5/16" diameter solid stainless steel boom
  • 100' of braided stainless steel wire
  • Recommended for use with weights under 5 lbs.
  • Includes side/deck mounting bracket
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    Fight the fish, not the fishing gear! Downriggers were created for one principal reason: to allow fishermen to troll their lures at a specific depth. Years of testing and practical use had shown that a moving bait or lure in the water, trolled at the depth where fish were present, was the best way to ensure a hookup and get results. Downriggers improve both trolling results and the fun factor - they put the ‘sport’ back in sport fishing.

    A release is hooked to the wire and then the fishing line from the rod is hooked into the release. The downrigger weight is then lowered to precisely the depth required. When a fish hits, the line is released from the downrigger wire, leaving the heavy weight on the downrigger. The angler is then free to fight the fish on the rod and reel alone, without the added drag of traditionally heavy lines and trolling weights used in the past.

    Mounting bracket permits mounting on a flat deck surface or on the side of a gunnel or transom. The mounting design gives 360° rotation.

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