Stand-Up Board Leashes

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Stand-Up Paddle Board Leashes

Do you need a SUP leash when you are out paddling on the water? The simple answer is — yes. A SUP leash is a physical tether that keeps you and your board attached. Fall off your board and a SUP leash helps you retrieve your board and get back on. In turbulent or windy conditions, a SUP leash could save your life as a board can be carried away and out of reach in a matter of seconds. How long should a SUP leash be? In general, an SUP leash should be approximately one foot longer than your board. When you fall, this length will allow you enough time to avoid being bumped in the head by your board in the event of a recoil. Should you use a coiled or straight SUP leash? That depends on the type of paddling you do. The coiled leash has the advantage of not dragging in the water behind you while paddling. But when on the ocean or a river, the coiled leash can become tangled in white water. Straight leashes are a great choice for beginners and preferred by some SUP traditionalists. They are easy to use and serve the purpose of keeping you close to the board and the board close to you. But a straight leash can create some drag behind your board and can get stuck in snags.