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Racks are pieces of equipment that allow an outdoor enthusiast to store and transport a variety of recreational items from kayaks to stand-up paddle boards to bicycles.

Types of Racks

There are many types of racks for just about anything you can imagine. Racks can be installed on top of your car, in a hitch, or just the trunk of your vehicle. Racks are specially made for transporting kayaks, canoes, boards, bikes, skis, snowboards, and more! Kayak roof racks come in many styles, generally j-cradles which support the boat on its side, and saddles which support the boat on the bottom or keel. Bike racks also come in many flavors and can be sorted by how they attach to your bike as well as how they attach to your car. There are hitch mounted bike racks that attach to your hitch receiver, trunk racks that use straps to attach to the trunk or hatch of your vehicle, roof mounted bike racks, and even spare tire mounted racks. Bike racks are also sorted by how they attach to your bike. There are tray style racks that have a tray which the bike wheels sit and are secured using hooks and/or straps, cradle racks where the bike frame itself is secured to the rack arms, and skewer racks which use the front/rear axles to secure to the rack.

What can you use Racks for?

Racks are the perfect way to transport your gear and allow you to take your passion with you wherever you go, from trips to your local trails or waterfront, to cross country trips and adventures! Whatever your hobby, you can be sure that there is a rack to transport it! Racks are not just important for safely getting your toys from place to place, they also save you room inside your vehicle for extra friends or gear to bring along for the fun.

Top Rack Brands

There are a lot of brands out there that offer racks, but we consider these brands to be the cream of the crop.

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