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Kayak Sail Kits

We think kayak sail kits are a must have accessory for paddling! Kayaking is a fun, refreshing, and rewarding experience that is good for the mind body and soul, but it is also taxing. It is a hobby that requires a lot of physical strength in order to keep your kayak on course. Do you want a simple little aid to cruising which you can take out of a bag and set up in two minutes? Transform your paddling experience with a kayak sail kit! Our kayak sail kits are versatile designs that works for almost any kayak. We even sell special kayak sail kits designed for specific models like Hobie or Advanced Elements. They are simple, efficient and at a very affordable price!

Kayak sailing makes it easy for you to get a fantastic workout in by paddling out as far as you can go, with the added benefit of being able to sail back! If you’re planning a longer voyage, a kayak sail is a great way to take a rest when you’re sick of paddling but still have open water to cover.