Beckson Thirsty Mate Bilge Pump With Hose



Beckson Thirsty Mate Bilge Pump With Hose

Item # 50030.01
  • Pumps 10 gallons/minute
  • 6 strokes per gallon
  • 24 inch hose
  • 24 in L x 1 3/4 in D
  • 1.15 lbs.
  • Description

    Beckson Thirsty Mate Kayak Bilge Pump With Hose - The Thirsty Mate with Hose by Beckson is the workhorse of the Thirsty Mate line. Except for life preservers, there is perhaps no more basic safety equipment on your boat than a hand pump. You may use it every day or you may never use it, but your Thirsty-Mate will be ready when you need it. Neither neglect nor corrosion will make it inoperative. Because intake and discharge are the same size, allowing unimpeded water flow and because the plastic material is water-lubricated, it is the easiest-to-operate pump you can buy and is reliable in any boating situation. This pump is 24 inches long and has a 24-inch hose for getting over the side of standard floor rafts. It will drain 10 gallons of water per minute with 6 strokes per gallon. Water always finds a way into a boat, and this pump makes it easy to remove. Big volume with easy operation makes the Beckson Thirsty Mate with Hose a real winner.

    Beckson Thirsty Mate Bilge Pump With Hose:

    24"1 3/4"1.15 lbs.



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