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Are you wondering why
you should buy an inflatable kayak?


That's a good question! After all, there are lots of options and vessels for those who want to explore the water through paddling.
Our friends over at Aquaglide Kayaks, our premier inflatable kayak brand, put together this great list is why inflatable kayaks are the best!

  • Performance: Long gone are the days of poorly designed inflatable kayaks that can't hold a candle next to the hardshells. Aquaglide designers have led the way in developing a range of inflatable kayaks that have every bit as much performance as hardshell kayaks.
    Check out Aquaglide's top performing inflatable kayak models here!

  • Transportation: The advantage of easy transportation is HUGE! Unlike hard-shell kayaks, Aquaglide inflatable kayaks do not require roof racks or a large vehicle for transportation. They come in a compact transport bag that can easily fit inside almost any car, boat or plane, making them ideal for exploration and adventure travel.

  • Storage: Unlike hard-shell boats, Aquaglide inflatable kayaks do not require a dedicated storage area or awkward racking solution. Each boat stores easily in a generously tailored bag that will fit in most closets. You can easily take it up an elevator or simply leave it in the trunk of your car. You just can't beat the convenience of storing a compact inflatable kayak.

  • Easy to Use: Aquaglide inflatable kayaks are easy to setup and easy to use. Simply unroll and inflate three chambers - you'll be on the water in just a few minutes. Most paddlers would gladly trade a few extra minutes of inflating and deflating their kayak for the ability to take them places that are inaccessible to hardshell kayaks.

  • Safety: Forget about the claustrophobic fear of being trapped inside your boat, or the tedious task of having to learn the Eskimo Roll. Thanks to their additional buoyancy, inflatable kayaks are far more stable than hardshell kayaks, making them accessible for advanced and novice paddlers alike. If you do fall out, it is not difficult to climb back in.

  • Comfortable: Not only are Aquaglide inflatable kayaks more stable, but they are also way more comfortable than a tippy hardshell boat. Infinitely adjustable seating positions and tall, cushioned, ergonomically developed seats help to make Aquaglide inflatable kayaks feel more like you're sitting in a lounge chair! This is a big deal when you're out on the water all day.

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: By avoiding the use of roto-molded polyethylene and the associated transportation issues at every step in the distribution chain, Aquaglide Kayaks take a step toward the future by significantly reducing the carbon footprint of each boat.

So, there are just a few reasons why we think Aquaglide inflatable kayaks are the best things on the water today.

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