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Perception Carolina Kayaks

Perception Carolina Kayaks For Sale - Free Kayak Shipping The Perception Carolina kayak has proven to be the top choice for kayakers looking for a user-friendly touring kayak . The Carolina 12.0 and Caroline 14.0 kayaks boast excellent stability and are easy to paddle. The five-year durability rating means these Perception kayaks are tough enough to handle any paddling conditions. Perception designed the Carolina kayak with plenty of dry storage. A roomy cockpit and premium outfitting offer all-day comfort, and the stable, manageable design is great for kayakers of any skill level.

Carolina 12.0
Touring Kayak

It is stable and easy to turn.
Roomy cockpit.

Perception Carolina Kayaks For Sale - Free Kayak Shipping

Carolina 14.0
Touring Kayak

Faster hull speed for those wanting to go farther!

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