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Flatwater Kayaking Books

Flatwater Kayaking is an easy sport to learn. Most people learn how to kayak from friends who are already proficient paddlers. Others learn from watching kayaking DVDs or reading how-to kayaking books. Everything from getting into a kayak, to learning how to stay balanced in the boat, to actually paddling in a straight path can be learned from a DVD or book and some practice.

whitewater kayak schoolsIn Whitewater Kayaking we strongly recommend that you take professional lessons and maybe even attend a whitewater kayaking school. This shouldn't intimidate anyone from taking up the sport as the excitement of learning is part of the fun. There are some very well known destination whitewater kayaking schools in the US. These schools have kayaking professionals leading the lessons and their instruction is cutting edge due to their extensive experience. They also frequently offer multi-day packages that include accommodations so if you're willing to travel, this might be a good option for you. Below are the top whitewater kayaking schools in the United States.

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