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Kayak Forums and Kayaking Message Boards

The following kayak forums and kayak message boards provide great online discussions in all aspects of kayaking. From sea kayaking to whitewater kayaking to kayak fishing, you’ll find a kayak forum for you. Learn about our waterways, good kayak trips, and all about the kayak gear you need. Talk to other kayakers about how to make yourself a better kayaker. Find helpful suggestions from paddlers on how to kayak or where to kayak or what kayak to buy. There is a lot information on these kayak forums - Enjoy!

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General Kayak Forums

Kayak Dude
Kayak Forum
Paddling Net
Philly Paddler

Whitewater Kayak Forums

Boater Talk
Mountain Buzz
Professor Paddle

Kayak Fishing Forums

Kayak Angler Magazine
Kayaking Fishing Forums
North West Kayak Angler

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