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Yakima Mako Aero Kayak Roof Rack Saddles
  • $81.77
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Mako Aero Saddles Kayak Rack

  • Ergonomic, form-fitting cradle
  • Self-adjusting Dynaflex™ pads
  • Removable strap system
  • Bow/stern tie down included
  • Combines with Hully Rollers or Mako Aero Saddles to hold 1 kayak
  • Compatible with round, square, and most factory crossbars
  • Sold in pairs
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    A sleek saddle that holds tighter than a banshee, the Mako fits sea and recreational kayaks perfectly. They conform to hull shapes using an ergonomic, form-fitting cradle. The boat slides easily on and off when the pad is recessed, and is secured when the strap is tightened and Dynaflex™ pads lift to grip the boat’s hull. The innovative strap system has a quick release chuck for easy removal when not in use.

    Please Note: Mako Aero Saddles are sold in pairs to mate with a set of Hully Rollers or another pair of Mako Aero Saddles to hold one kayak.

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    The Hully Rollers in back and Mako Saddles in front are an awesome combination. My kayak is a Wilderness Pungo 120. I step back, lift the rear, slide it an inch or two over until it touches the H-Rollers. Once there, I push and it rolls right on up until it settles neatly on the Mako Saddles. The straps tighten snugly, the Mako Saddles (which have a good rubbery surface that touches and holds the kayak) bend enough to wrap around the base of your kayak. The hold is rock solid. Don't forget to tighten all wing nuts on your units before you leave since they can loosen a little, and also, lock the Hully Rollers switch (which stops the wheels from rolling). To remove, I reverse the process. I also tie down the front and back end of my kayak. I loaded it the first time in about 20 minutes. Next time, should be even quicker. Doing this, I can drive 65 easily with no movement at all by the kayak. Great system.

    David Johnson

    Atlanta GA


     I just drove 300 miles with the Hully Rollers and Mako Saddles for my Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145 tandem kayak. No scuffs, no scratches. The boat did not move even an inch during the entire ride-even when we were hanging on the kayak, to determine if it would shift in the 70+ m.p.h. drive. Outstanding. I think we bought the best transport available. I have no regrets.

    Frank Hunt

    Boston MA


    Kayaking Roof Racks by Yakima

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