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Yakima FarOut Pro Car Top Cargo Carrier
  • $164.27
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Far Out Pro Car Top Cargo Bag

  • Fits all roof styles, even naked roofs
  • PVC-Free
  • Structured design
  • Zipper flaps
  • Taped seams
  • Padded, anti-ski bottom
  • Oversize zipper pull tabs
  • Loop strap tabs
  • Steel-reinforced installation hooks w/ bottle openers
  • 8.5 lbs.
  • 9 – 12 cubic ft. volume
  • 100 lb. capacity
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    Yakima FarOut Pro Car Top Cargo Carrier - The durable all-weather resistant FarOut Pro luggage bag from Yakima is expandable, letting you carry items big and small in comfort and safety. The structured design gives the FarOut Pro a sleek, aerodynamic shape. Taped seams and protective flaps on zipper openings help keep water out. The FarOut Pro fits virtually all roof styles, even naked roofs, and the padded anti-skid bottom protects your vehicle. When not in use, the FarOut Pro collapses and stows away just about anywhere. Get durable cargo protection with the Yakima FarOut Pro luggage bag.

    The Yakima FarOut Pro Luggage Bag fits all roof styles, even naked roofs.

    Click here for: Yakima FarOut Pro Luggage Bag Installation Instructions

    Click Here For A Sizing Chart

    After reading the reviews here, we purchased the Yakima Cargo Bag to use on our X3 for a cross country road trip of 4,400 miles. We already own a Yakima Rocket Box and have logged thousands of miles with it on our other car, but it is really too large to place on a smaller car like the X3 (we were carrying 3 dogs and needed some place to put our clothing). The bag installs easily and, like other reviewers, we recommend putting a couple of extra straps across the packed bag to keep it tight to the car so it is more aerodynamic. We did read the reviews discussing the fact that the bag can leak when it rains, so we knew it was not "waterproof" (I think, for a bag of this type, people should not expect that it be "waterproof"). However, my husband decided to test it out and go without putting the contents in plastic bags. On our second day, it did rain and the bottom of our bags got damp, but only after 6 hours of driving in heavy rain through Illinois and Ohio. So I think the bag did fairly well considering the speeds we were driving and the amount of rain we went through. After that, we bagged the luggage with trash bags and everything stayed snug and dry. We used masking tape to tie down any loose straps so they didn't flap (masking tape is relatively easy to remove at each stop). Our gas mileage did not seem to suffer more than a mile or two per gallon, which I thought was more favorable in comparison to our Rocket Box. At the end of the trip, the carrier looked like new so we were pleased with the quality. I think care in installing the bag makes all the difference; if it flops in the wind, something is going to fray no matter how good it is. The down side for the bag is that the contents have to come out each night and can't be left in the bag unless you want to risk them being stolen (unlike the hard sided car carriers which lock). That makes it a bit inconvenient if you don't want to have to do that. However, I think it is a fair trade off when it comes time to store your car carrier. Those of us with limited storage space really need something that can fold down into a smallish box, rather than having to find a large spot in the garage for a hard sided carrier when it is not in use. It can also be folded and put inside the car and taken along to be used to bring back those extra things you bought on your trip.



    I bought the Yakima Farout Pro Roof Bag because it allowed for mounting with or without a roof rack (what I found to be a unique feature for a roof bag). I ended up exchanging the first one I received for a replacement due to quality issues. Otherwise, it seemed to be tough enough and easily handled the journey to the beach and back which was about 1000 miles total... that is until it starting raining on the return trip home. I had read in various user reviews that rain water penetration might be an issue with most roof bags on the market so I wrapped everything I put inside it in plastic just in case. Good thing I did, because the accumulation of rain water inside the bag was way worse than I was expecting. I was surprised that much water could leak through the zipper, but it did. Made for quite a mess unpacking, so buyer beware.

    Fokker's Feint


    Great design with adjustable height and aerodynamic so no wind noise at all. Drove from NW Arkansas to Destin, FL and couldn't even tell it was on top of the car. Unfortunately, went thru a couple of popcorn showers on both trips and water came in all across the lower front.


    NW Arkansas


    It is a nice bag; aerodynamic and well stitched with decent quality fabric, webbed straps and rubberized carry handles. Secret internal pocket holds additional thru-car web belts if and when needed (I need them). There is a snap in the Yakima bag that holds two of the zipper tabs together but for me seems impossible to click securely closed by hand, even with my gorilla hands; maybe this is just my bag. Meanwhile, make sure to follow loading and securing instructions carefully and find out your car's roof top weight capacity before load bearing of any kind, no matter which bag you finally end up with. The Yakima FarOut is nicely padded on the bottom and I feel this padding at bottom of bag is sufficient for my purposes. The bottom of bag on the exterior surface is textured with a type of non-skid feel but I would definitely add a non-skid car top protective mat, especially if your cartop is without rails or a factory installed carrier; My Taurus is bare topped, so I ordered a mat along with the bag. There are four securing straps; two forward and two aft and each strap has a heavy duty buckle that has a bottle opener built into it. That's 4 bottle openers! Whoopee; have fun!

    Ken Hassen


    FarOut Pro Luggage Bag by Yakima for Cargo

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