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Werner Sprite Kid's Touring Sea Kayak Paddle
  • $89.95
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Sprite Kid Paddle

  • Fiberglass-reinforced blades

    • Kid-friendly sizing
    • Low angle design
    • Dihedral power face
    • 47 x 12.5cm, 407 sq cm

  • Small-diameter carbon blend shaft
  • 2-piece take-apart design
  • Adjustable offset

    • 3 position – 0°, 45° right or left hand control
    • Spring-loaded push button>/ul>
    • 30 oz. average weight
    • Handcrafted in Sultan, WA
    • 1-year manufacturer warranty
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    Werner Paddles Sprite Kid’s Touring Sea Kayak Paddle - Create a fun day on the water for the whole family. The Sprite kid's paddle features everything you love about your paddle, only sized for a youth. The kid-sized fiberglass-reinforced blades feature an advanced design for smooth, stable strokes. With their light, smooth feel, they’ll move less water and save energy for all day fun. The small-diameter carbon blend shaft fits comfortably in a child’s hands, making it easy to grip and light enough to quickly move around. The Sprite has a 3-position adjustable ferrule system, letting you set your kid’s blade offset for what works best. The two-piece design also makes for easy traveling and storage. Drip With its light swing weight and kid-proportion sizing, the Sprite is a true touring paddle for the junior set.


    Paddler Height Boat Width Recommend Length
    < 5' < 23" 180 cm
    < 5' 23 - 28" 190 cm
    < 5' > 28" 200 cm
    Click Here For A Sizing Chart

    Trust me... Don't waste your time or money on any other paddle for your kid. This paddle makes kayaking enjoyable for them and that's what you want. You want them to learn the splendor of the outdoors not the burdens of having a heavy paddle that doesn't work.

    Misty Johnson

    Chesapeake Bay, MD


    I picked up the Werner Sprite paddle in hopes that my 6 year old will start helping out during our kayak outing in our tandem kayak. The Werner Sprite is perfect for smaller hands, and with the fiberglass handle, is plenty light for the little guy's arms. He now enjoys paddling even if only for short bursts.

    Dan W


    With the Werner Sprite kids kayak paddle my son looks comfortable, fluid, and even shows signs of proper technique. While he still often asks to be towed, his paddling time has doubled or tripled. He actually seems to be enjoying himself much of the time, and looks up from his paddling to see his surroundings. Sure the Werner Sprite kids kayak paddle is light, has a small diameter shaft that fits kids hands well, and has a blade shape that, to my only moderately trained eye, suggests that some thought went into designing. Those are great features, no doubt. The benefit however, is in seeing my son enjoying paddling, instead of enduring an exercise in frustration. One thing that I have to mention, as it is very effective with all of my kids (aged 5,6, & 7), is the smiley face on the paddle blades. Of the various paddles that they’ve all tried, the one that they always hold correctly is the Werner Sprite kids kayak paddle. They remember that the smiley face needs to be looking at them as they paddle. Brilliant, on Werner’s part, if you ask me.



    Werner Sprite Kid's Touring Sea Kayak Paddle for Kayaking

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