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Werner Side Kick Fiberglass 4-Piece Kayak Paddle
  • $299.95
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Side Kick Fiberglass 4 Piece Kayak Paddle

  • Premium fiberglass blades
  • Full-sized playboating/freestyle design
  • Fiberglass laminate construction
  • Slight dihedral
  • Down turned blades
  • 48 x 20cm, 725 sq cm
  • 4-piece take-apart fiberglass shaft
  • Straight shaft
  • 42oz/ 1191g average weight
  • Handcrafted in Sultan, WA
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
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    Werner Side Kick Fiberglass 4-Piece Kayak Paddle - The Side Kick Fiberglass 4-Piece Kayak Paddle by Werner is a great choice for the seasoned play boater. The full-size kayak paddle blades are powerful from catch to release for maximum power in each stroke. Down turned blades enter the water sooner for even more initial power and won't trip up on your boat. A slight dihedral minimizes flutter and allows for smooth maneuvering strokes. Constructed using the highest quality continuous weave fiberglass material with superior strength and durability, the Werner Side Kick kayak paddle excels in strength and is rightfully known as bomber! This 4-piece version is perfect as your back-up paddle to carry with you on every run, or as your trusty international paddle to carry on airplanes. The Werner Side Kick Fiberglass 4-Piece Kayak Paddle offers the ultimate combination of power and responsiveness for strong play boaters in an easy to transport package!

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    My first paddle was an Aqua Bound - inexpensive and a great beginners paddle (will keep), but on my strong side the paddle blade began to bend where it attached to the shaft. After trying another paddle from another kayaker and how it felt stronger, I decided to do some research. Started researching different companies and size of blades/paddles. Putting cost and what paddlers where saying, I ended up purchasing a Werner Sidekick. The blades are big. It made doing double pumps much easier. Another kayaker said when I did the double pump using the new paddle I made it look easy and effortless. When rolling (once I got used to the 0 degree's - I've always wanted one - from the 30 degree's I was used too) it felt like I was gripping a rock and it helped make rolling even easier. This blade is big, if you have good upper body strength this is your paddle. If not, get a smaller blade like the Werner Player is. This paddle is 34 ounces very few paddles are lighter than this one.



    Side Kick Fiberglass 4-Piece Kayak Paddle by Werner for kayaking

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