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Werner Grand Prix F1000 1-Piece Carbon SUP Paddle
  • $272.30
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Grand Prix F1000 1 Piece Carbon SUP Paddle

  • Ultimate Performance blade

    • Continuous carbon weave
    • Rectangular blade shape
    • Full-sized with dihedral
    • ABS reinforced blade edge
    • 12 degree bend
    • 19.25 x 8.25 in -105 sq inches

  • Continuous weave carbon shaft
  • Carbon palm grip
  • Average weight:
    • Straight Shaft: 432 g - 15.25 oz
    • Neutral
      Bent Shaft: 553 g - 19.5 oz

  • Handcrafted in Sultan, WA
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Shopping Info
    Werner Grand Prix F1000 1-Piece Carbon Stand Up Paddle - The Grand Prix F1000 1-Piece Carbon Stand Up Paddle by Werner is designed and manufactured specifically for racing and is the most progressive training and racing paddle available. This paddle features a full-size rectangular blade shape that allows for the most efficient forward stroke and is perfect for larger well-conditioned paddlers or those looking to match blade size to board glide. A thin ABS reinforced blade edge knifes cleanly in and out of the water while the optimized blade-to-shaft offset at 12 degrees, allows for a more vertical blade position which increases power throughout the stroke and less lift at the exit. The carbon palm-style grip offers a good fit and controlled strokes. A great choice for durability and value and the lightest weight option available. Recommended for racing, but not for surfing or whitewater. If you are in the market for a paddle that maximizes your power and endurance going forward, you have found it with the Grand Prix F1000 1-Piece Carbon Stand Up Paddle by Werner.

    Please note: The bent shaft version is a custom-build option. Please allow an additional 5 business days for delivery.

    Werner Grand Prix F1000 1-Piece Carbon Stand Up Paddle:

    Blade Size Length Width (Top) Surface Area
    S (Small) 19" 7.25" 91 in2
    M (Mid) 19.75" 7.75" 98 in2
    F (Full) 19.25" 8.25" 105 in2

    F - Full-size blades offer power for well-conditioned paddlers
    M - Mid-size blades fit the wider range of paddlers
    S - Small size blades are gentle on joints and great for smaller paddlers

    Click Here For A Sizing Chart

    This paddle is the lightest paddle I have ever used. I am shocked every time I pick mine up. Foam cored blades and a high cadence blade shape make this paddle shine, especially in a performance/racing capacity. The paddle offers extreme control for maintaining a high rate of speed utilizing the entire blade. Or the paddler can partially submerge the blade and increase cadence for quick bursts of speed while sprinting at the start of a race or when blowing the doors of a competitor!

    Forrest KPS Staff

    Port Gamble, WA


    Grand Prix F1000 1-Piece Carbon Stand Up Paddle by Werner for Stand Up Paddling

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