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Wave Sport Recon 93 Whitewater Kayak
  • $1,084.50
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Recon 93 Whitewater Kayak

  • High-density polyethylene plastic
  • CORE WhiteOut System:

    • Rotomolded Tank style seat
    • Quick fore/aft seat adjustment
    • Forward ratcheting backband
    • Adjustable, padded thighbrace w/removable outer thigh hook
    • Adjustable, contoured hip pads
    • Adjustable ratcheting leglifter
    • Safety Step Out wall w/ carry handle
    • Auto-adjusting bulkhead footbrace w/ foam padding

  • 3 security grab handles
  • 2 security bars
  • 2 soft grip security grab handles
  • 52 lbs.
  • Shopping Info

    Boat Weight Length Width Deck Height Cockpit Volume Paddler Weight
    70 47 lbs. 7' 9" 25.5" 14.25" 32.5" x 19" 70 gal
    80-150 lbs.
    83 50 lbs 8'3" 26.5" 15.25" 34" x 19.25" 83 gal 140-200 lbs
    93 52 lbs 8'8" 27" 15.75" 34" x 19.25" 93 gal 180-275 lbs

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    Wave Sport Recon 93 Kayak - Performing at the highest levels of class V boating, the Recon 93 whitewater kayak from Wave Sport handles creeks and rivers efficiently, confidently and safely. The continuous rocker profile combined with the unique distribution of volume makes the Recon very fast and easy to boof. The volume in the bow and its pronounced, upswept shape make the Recon resurface and shed water quickly when blasting through holes. The domed stern deck minimizes squirting from holes and drops. The location of the full stern chine combined with the generous side wall flare provides superb secondary stability and substantial control when carving, edging, crossing eddy lines, or tracking. Seven rescue attachment points provide maximum safety. Soft grip handles provide an ergonomic fit, sitting higher on the boat for greater accessibility in a rescue situation. CORE WhiteOut outfitting offers highly adjustable seating for greater comfort and an auto-adjusting bulkhead reduces the risk of entrapment. Aesthetic features include a very distinctive, high buff polish with a matte texture finish. Creeking is all about the journey and the adventures that define you. With the Wave Sport Recon 93 whitewater kayak you'll have best-in-class performance and maximum safety features.

    Don't forget a cockpit cover! A Seals 1.4 deck cockpit cover will fit the Recon 93 kayak.

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    the Recon was excellent, fast and graceful for the whole run. I wasn’t even close to flipping or instability anywhere on the river.

    Craig Parks


    Recon 93 Kayak by Wave Sport for Kayaking

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