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Snap Dragon Armortex Kayak Spray Skirt w/ Implosion Bar
  • $197.95
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Dragon Kayak Spray Skirt Implosion Bar

  • 4mm Amortex deck
  • 3mm neoprene tunnel
  • Heavy-duty shock cord rand
  • Rim guard reinforcement
  • Single-deck construction
  • Implosion bar
  • 2" webbing grab loop
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    Snap Dragon Kevlar Kayak Spray Skirt w/ Implosion Bar - This Kevlar kayak spray skirt is Snap Dragon's premier product. It is designed specifically for extreme and freestyle paddlers who place high demands and expectations on their equipment. The skirt features a one-piece 4 mm Armotex deck with unmatched abrasion and impact resistance. This single-deck construction avoids weak areas where seams would meet, producing a stronger and more flexible deck. A rim reinforcement is heat-welded to the surface of the deck, resulting in a stronger, water-tight seal with no patchwork stitching on the deck. An implosion bar helps prevent the skirt from blowing on big drops and in big hydraulics. Other features include an anatomically shaped oval chest tube and a large, 2" webbing grab handle. The grab handle is easily accessible, making for a quick release. All the seams are heat taped and sealed inside and out. Designed for the most demanding conditions, this is the skirt of choice.


    Size XS S M L XL XXL
    Waist 26 - 28" 28 - 30" 30 - 32" 32 - 34" 34 - 38" 38 - 40"

    Cockpit Min. Fit Dimensions Max Fit Dimensions
    Large Deck 33" x 18" 35" x 19"
    XL Deck 35" X 19" 37" X 21"

    Click Here For A Sizing Chart

    I've popped every skirt I've owned, except for the Snapdragon kevlar with implosion bar. I used mine for about eight months and survived several major meltdowns and crashes without breaking the seal. I even took the full weight of the curtain in Gorilla at 200% one day- enough force to bend the implosion bar against the support track in my Gus. Any other skirt would have popped and left me sunk in Scream Machine.

    Chris Harjes

    Asheville, NC


    Three weeks of intensive heli boating on the west coast of New Zealand, I ran Nevis bluff and tomorrow we get busy on the North Island. My Snap Dragon skirts are working great. Just one regret – that I didn’t give you a call years ago, thanks a lot – best skirt I’ve owned.

    Steve Fisher


    Wearing a Snap Dragon spray skirt means peace of mind for me, I don’t have to sweat the possibility of a skirt failure when going deep at the bottom of a waterfall or trying to punch a hole. Also, the durability of a Snap Dragon spray skirt means you won’t find a hole in your skirt even after a gnarly portage. Having a solid spray skirt is as crucial as the Eskimo roll.

    Shannon Carroll


    I’ve been using Snap Dragon skirts since I started kayaking 11 years ago… they are the strongest and best spray skirt that I’ve ever used. Thanks for making such a great spray skirt.

    Tao Berman


    Dropping you a line, to tell you again, how Snap Dragon is the top deck especially for big water. On the Ottawa River this weekend the pro boaters were sessioning a massive wave/hole called buseater". Spray decks were blowing all day...some were having to cut up old kayaks to design a deck protector. Yet, I had no worries at all. Myself and Brendon Mark were stoked to have Snap Dragon around us. Held up to a great test...good on ya's. Thank you. Big water specialists…

    Lisa Utronki


    I have always used Snapdragon skirts since I have been paddling. I bought the one with an implosion bar since I surf kayak(ocean) often. On my larger Salsa no problems but on my smaller boat the skirt leaks. The back rim is water level because of the low volume and I think it seaps in. Very disappointing. Also in my WW kayaks again no problems.

    leo neves



    Amortex Kevlar Spray Skirt with Implosion Bar by Snap Dragon Design for Kayaking

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