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Hanz Submerge Waterproof Socks
  • $27.97
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Submerge Waterproof Kayak Socks

  • Nylon/Lycra
  • Waterproof seal at cuff
  • High-pressure tested
  • Breathable 3-layer fabric
  • Stretchy fit
  • Waterproof seal at cuff
  • 15 inches high
  • Seamless design
  • Shopping Info
    Hanz Submerge Waterproof Socks - Submerge Waterproof Socks by Hanz have a unique watertight cuff to ensure that your feet stay dry even if you wade in a little deeper than you planned. The innovative sealing cuff blocks water from entering at the top of this over-the-calf sock. The durable nylon/Lycra outer and a comfortable, moisture-wicking inner lining hide a high-tech waterproof, breathable membrane. This three-layer MVT (Moisture Vapor Transpiration) fabric structure prevents water from penetrating the sock while allowing perspiration to escape. The stretch-to-fit material eliminates uncomfortable sags and wrinkles, even during strenuous activity and the seamless design provides total comfort, free of annoying ridges and pressure points. Designed to keep you dry during intermittent periods of wading in knee-high water, like when launching and landing your boat, the Hanz Submerge Waterproof Socks provide waterproof performance while canoeing, kayaking, rafting or SUP'ing!

    Please Note: Hand-wash and drip-dry socks. Do not twist or wring socks, this will damage the waterproof, breathable membrane.

    Sizing for Hanz Submerge Waterproof Socks:

    Size S M L XL
    Men's 5 - 6 7 - 9 10 - 11 12 - 13
    Women's 6 - 7 8 - 10 11 - 12 13 - 14

    Note: The cuff must be in close contact with skin all the way around to stop water entry. Body hair or slender calves can cause leakage.

    Click Here For A Sizing Chart

    I cycle to work nearly daily in all weather wearing cycling sandals, 30-40 miles roundtrip. Winters are wet in the Pacific Northwest, and temperatures in my area drop to the low 20s at times. This season begins the third winter I have been wearing the socks, and I wear them until it is warm enough to cycle in sandals with just light cycling socks. My feet have never been drier or warmer. I bought one size larger to make room for another layer of socks depending on the temperature. The coldest temperature has been 15 degrees. I wore a light pair of wool socks under a heavy pair of Merino wool hiking socks. My feet were comfortably warm. After 1.5 hours of pedaling in sandals, only the tips of my toes were starting to feel cool, but not yet cold. In pouring rains for over an hour, my feet remain perfectly, and happily, dry. In this, my third winter, I noticed that the bottom of one of my feet was damp, with some water beginning to seep through. The other foot was still dry. The soles still appeared in good shape, but perhaps thousands of miles of compression on the pedals caused the sole to finally lose some of its structural integrity. I would have liked the socks to last through just one more winter. Still, yesterday I purchased my second pair in anticipation of more winters with happy feet.

    PDX Biker

    Vancouver, Washington


    I have worn these socks twice, or rather, on two canoeing expeditions in northern Canada. My feet have never been more comfortable. In the high latitudes, temperatures can regular vary between the 80's F, to below freezing. I always take extra socks, but almost never wear them when I have the SealSkinz along. I've even had to wade in them while lining. They keep my feet warm and they dry out quickly.


    Seattle, WA


    This is the second pair of SealSkinz I have purchased. They are waterproof as advertised, however they require care putting on and taking off. The inner liner does not completely cover the waterpoof membrane. My first pair delaminated and are no longer completely waterproof. Now that I know they require extra care, hopefully this pair will last longer. Take a while to dry after washing. The best method I have found for drying them is to air dry the outside, turn them inside out and dry the inside. With care they work well, they just won't stand up to abuse. Hope this helps with your purchase decision.




    Used for a week long raft trip in Grand Canyon. Wore daily from dawn till dusk with Desperado wet shoe and never thought about my feet. Rafted, hiked, waded and fished and never had cold feet. Very comfortable with cushy soft liner. "Waterproof" seal at top is cheesy, too good to be true, and doesn't work at all. Instant trickle of water in socks the first time you wade. Maybe if you duct taped them to your calf... But the point is that it doesn't matter if your feet are a little wet if they are not cold, which they won't be in these socks, at least in 45 degree water. Maybe they would be if colder. I will use in kayak, raft, wet wading/fishing, canyoneering.




    Bought these for kayaking. Always take good care of my gear. These socks delaminated almost immediately. Horrible product, complete waste of money.

    Kayak gal



    Into a second hard season with a pair of these and they appear not to have any wear other than a single runaway thread that needs clipped. I have been exceptionally cautious in handling them which makes for quite the ritual changing out after a session but I think I take better care of ALL of my gear because of it! The inside membrane certainly looks delicate but wearing a liner sock under them permits them to be easily slipped off if they fit right.

    The Christ Clan

    Central PA


    I used these for launching my kayak, and keeping my feet dry when I hang them in the water while fishing from my yak. The first two trips were great. then a tear formed in the very fragile "gasket" liner. That was it for the waterproof aspect. Now water gets in but cannot get out. VERY FRAGILE

    wet footed yakker

    Aptos CA


    I can see where the liner could be slashed with frequent quick changes but for our light duty snowshoeing and winter hikes on packed snow trails they are great if your hiker boot should soak through. Also great for Spring and Fall kayaking when the water temps are a bit cold. I wear them with my water shoes and I am good to go and don't have to worry about cold wet feet if I have to get into the water while entering or exiting our boats. They seem to breath well, they have never been sweaty. I do recommend the models with at least a thin insulating liner to help protect the waterproof layer. I have had my pair for 2 years and my wife asked for a pair this past Christmas. She likes them as well as I do.

    Mr & Mrs W. E. Yak

    Bristol, CT


    Submerge Waterproof Socks by SealSkinz for Kayaking

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