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Princeton Tec Apex Extreme Camping Headlamp
  • $103.95
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Tec Apex Extreme Camping Headlamp

  • Easy to use electronic push-button switch
  • Narrow or wide beam
  • 4 Ultrabright LED's
  • 1 Maxbright LED
  • Flashing Emergency Strobe
  • Battery Power Meter
  • LED Optic Collimator
  • Regulated LED - Constant Brightness
  • 200 lumens at maximum level
  • 200 hour duration at economic level
  • Easy to open battery pack
  • Adjustable headband
  • External Battery Pack
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    Princeton Tec Apex Extreme Camping Headlamp - The Apex Extreme headlamp by Princeton Tec is taking cold weather explorers, cyclists, climbers, and backpackers to new heights. The Apex Extreme provides the same ability and power as the original Apex, but stores its batteries in a remote compartment that can be clipped close to your body for optimal battery warmth and usage in cold temperatures. In addition, the external battery pack reduces the weight on your head. Having the longest burn time of the Professional Series, the Apex Extreme is perfect for winter months when the nights are longer and the temperatures are dropping.

    Specs for the Apex Extreme Headlamp

    Light output: 200 lumens
    Beam pattern: wide
    Battery life: 200 h
    Max Distance: 105 m
    Min Distance: 20 m
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    I highly recommend the Princeton Tec Apex Extreme LED Headlamp to anyone who will be doing any extend traveling outdoors in cold weather. The option of being able to move the battery pack around goes a long way in keeping your headlamp working in the cold.

    Yamhill Jed

    Amity, Or


    I use headlamps for multiple purposes, caving, camping, climbing, working on the car, working in the basement, working in the mine, and military use. I have owned several; some that are brighter, but have large batteries, short life, or just expensive to use(sure fire's). Overall this headlamp is brighter than most, has an exceptional battery life, and due to its operation on all types of AA batteries(lithium, alkaline, rechargeable) It is inexpensive and simple to use on long trips; I often use rechargeable with a solar panel( you lose some power, but it is a long term system without waste). I would only make one improvement, the external battery pack is in a heavy duty nylon pack with a softer plastic casing inside. I would like to see a more durable casing with a rubberized pack to increase water-proofness, I am often in water up to my chest and wear the pack on my belt or chest. Overall a good, durable lamp that will not disappoint.




    Apex Extreme Headlamp by Princeton Tec for Camping

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