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Petzl Tactikka Plus Headlamp
  • $37.76
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Tactikka Plus Headlamp

  • Constant Lighting technology
  • Several modes and lighting colors adapt to each situation

    • Proximity vision: mixed beam with wide, uniform flood
    • Movement: mixed beam with focused component
    • Long-range vision: focused beam
    • Boost mode for temporary access to maximum power
    • Red lighting combines visual comfort & stealth
    • Strobe mode for signaling one's presence

  • Burn time management
  • Battery charge indicator light
  • Push-button control switch
  • Focused, wide or mixed beam pattern
  • Adjustable, washable headband
  • Easy open battery case
  • Includes 3 AAA batteries
  • Compatible w/ rechargeable Ni-MH, and lithium batteries
  • CE certification
  • Watertightness (IP X4, weather resistant)
  • 85 g
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Shopping Info
    Petzl Tactikka Plus Headlamp - The Tactikka Plus Headlamp by Petzl is designed for activities such as hunting, fishing or exploring nature on a regular basis. It has proximity lighting for movement, a boost mode for temporary access to maximum power, and red lighting for discreet close range vision when necessary. With CONSTANT LIGHTING technology the brightness does not decrease gradually as the batteries are drained.

    Proximity vision offers a mixed beam with a wide, uniform flood, while a mode adapted for movement gives you a mixed beam with a focused component allowing you to move around comfortably. The boost mode allows temporary access to maximum power, red lighting offers discreet close range vision and a strobe mode designed for signaling one's presence is accessible at any time.

    Burn time management allows user to easily anticipate battery replacement by automatically switching to reserve mode when the batteries are almost drained, signaled by a blinking light. Red lighting switches on when batteries are practically empty to preserve maximum visibility, and by using Ni-MH or lithium batteries you can increase performance. No matter what your favorite outdoor activity is, don't be left in the dark, make sure you have the Tactikka Plus Headlamp by Petzl.

    Specs for Petzl Tactikka Plus Headlamp:

    Mode Light Quantity Maximum Distance Battery Life
    Short Range 5 lumens 10 m 100 hours
    Long Range 110 lumens 50 m 2 hours
    Boost Mode (10 seconds) 160 lumens 60 m 10 s

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    A few years ago I thought to get one of these for hikes, night photography, and simply having a lightweight flashlight in my camera bag or for when the power goes out. I read up on them, found Petzl to be the best, and yet the complaints were that the Petzl model at the time had only one brightness setting, didn't tilt, wasn't water resistant, and had no red filter. A year later Petzl came out with this model, and everything had been fixed to perfection. Needless to say, I got one and loved it. For those new to LED headlamps, what's great about them is they leave your hands free and you never have to think about aiming the light. If the power's out, and you're tying your shoes and then looking under a cupboard and carrying out blankets, the light is always right where you need it. Also, for walking at night, a flashlight will light up just a pizza-size spot in the middle of the road, but this headlamp casts a wide swath of light completely across a small road, so you don't have to scan for fallen limbs or porcupines - everything is lit up evenly and it's much easier finding your way about.  The only downside to having the lamp right over your eyes is when it's foggy or snowing, since it lights up everything right in front of your face. But simply take it in hand, as a very light flashlight, or attach it to your belt, and all is well again. In fact, it works so that you can press the button in for when you want to check something, and then let it go and it'll go off. Much better than clicking through the four brightness settings time and again.

    Maine Character


    I've only had a chance to use the Tactikka Plus on one 6 mile run. So far I like it very much. It's very lightweight, comfortable and stays in place. Some of the roads I run on are very well lit while others are almost completely dark. I wanted a light that was bright enough for me to see in the dark places even after my eyes had adjusted to the street-lit areas. The packaging for mine did not have the "80% Brighter" sticker that I have seen on similar new Petzl equipment so I wondered if it was going to work well for me. It did. Even at the low setting it was bright enough for me to see potholes and dips in the road. The light covers a wide area and reaches far enough in front that I don't "outrun" it. The switch is easy to use. The adjustable angle housing is essential for dialing in exactly where you want the light pointed without having to hold your head at a weird angle. The headband does soak up sweat and it did take a few hours to dry out. I don't know if anything can be done to improve this. Overall, I would recommend it to others. I would also check out the Princeton Tec Quad. It looks to be nearly identical but it is cheaper. It trades the flip up red lens on the Petzl for a waterproof housing.

    A Runner


    Tactikka Plus Headlamp by Petzl for Camping

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