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Petzl Reverso 4 Belay/Rappel Device
  • $25.16
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Reverso 4 Belay/Rappel Device

  • 59 grams
  • For use with half ropes and twin ropes greater than 7.5 mm & single ropes greater than 8.9 mm
  • Hot forged aluminum body
  • UIAA certification
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
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    Petzl REVERSO 4 Belay Rappel Device - The REVERSO 4 Belay Rappel Device by Petzl is an ultra-light multi-purpose belay/rappel device that regulates the amount of braking friction on the rope according to its diameter and condition. The V-shaped friction channels, with asymmetrical lateral grooves, adapt the rope friction for better control, offering effective breaking on half, twin, and single dynamic ropes. It also assists in independent and simultaneous belaying of one or two seconding climbers in Reverso mode. It can be used to belay the leader, one or two seconding climbers, and can be used for rappelling. Quick changeovers from Reverso mode to belaying the leader when climbing multi-pitch routes and increased braking power during a leader or top rope fall or while rappelling. A carabiner hole allows the loaded device in Reverso mode to be easily and gradually released with only a carabiner. The REVERSO 4 is rope friendly, allows for smooth belaying and rope handling and will not kink the ropes regardless of the mode used. It also separates the two strands of rope when belaying and rappelling. Reverso mode aluminum attachment point is easy to identify and a keeper cable keeps the device from moving up the rope when belaying and reduces chances of losing the device. Use with symmetrical locking carabiners, Am'D or WILLIAM, to maximize efficiency (not included). The ultra-light and intuitive Petzl REVERSO 4 Belay Rappel Device should be packed in your rack.

    Petzl REVERSO 4 Belay Rappel Device:

    For use with half ropes and twin ropes greater than 7.5 mm and single ropes greater than 8.9 mm

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    First off, I love this belay device! I started out with the old-school tube devices from the early 90's and thought that was normal. When I got the Reverso it was so different. I can pay out and take in rope so well and has much better friction control than others out there. Since then I've used pretty much every device out there and still prefer the Reverso, especially for multi pitch. This thing does everything you could need. It has a wide range for ropes it works with, you can rappel, guide, belay, and do it all with double ropes. This belay device works with wet, frozen, and dirty ropes. It also has a large sweet spot for rappelling, unlike some other devices I've used, allowing to have awesome control regardless of the conditions.


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