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Pelican i1015 iPhone/Blackberry Dry Case
  • $26.40
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i1015 iPhone Blackberry Dry Case

  • Water-resistant, crushproof, & dust proof
  • Polycarbonate body
  • Custom rubber liner/water-resistant O-ring seal
  • Easy- open Xylex latch
  • External earphone port
  • Built-in cable manager
  • Active sport carabiner
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • .49 lbs.
  • 1.2 lbs maximum buoyancy
  • Manufacture Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence
  • Great for rugged sports – not for swimming or submerging
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    Pelican i1015 iPhone/Blackberry Case - Protect your iPhone, iPod, or other smart phones from the elements with the Pelican i1015 case. Staying connected has become more and more necessary in our technological world. This water-resistant, crushproof, and dust proof case will protect your gadget from most hazards. The easy-open latch securely fastens the case closed and a custom rubber liner doubles as o-ring seal, keeping out the elements. The external headphone jack lets you listen to your player with the case closed, while a built-in cable manager holds the earphones and cables to prevent that nasty tangle you get when you put them in your pocket or backpack. An active sport carabineer secures the i1015 case to your backpack or belt loop. You don't have to let a little rain or splash get you down when you have your Pelican i1015 case with you.

    Sizing for Pelican i1015 iPhone/Blackberry Dry Case:

    Inside Dimensions 5.14" x 2.64" x 1.37"
    Outside Dimensions 6.68" x 3.88" x 1.86"
    Fits Apple iPhone™/iPhone™4/ iPod touch®
    Fits Blackbery Bold/Curve/Storm/Pearl
    Fits T-Mobile MyTouch 3G/G1
    Fits Nokia 5800/5530/E63/E71/E71x/E75/N97, Mini/N79/N78
    Fits Motorola Droid/Cliq

    Click Here For A Sizing Chart

    Kayaking, Trekking, Camping, Havasu Canyon, and Fumble Fingers. This case is perfect. It's been rained on, dropped, baked in the desert sun, and dropped again, and both it and my blackberry have survived intact. The head phone adapter works beautifully as well (it was great for a rainy evening stuck in my tent while camping).




    Not a case for everyday use, it's far too large to carry comfortably in most situations. However, there are situations when this case works out very well. I spend a lot of time kayaking, and this case is perfect for being out on the water, when used with some water-resistant headphones. I wouldn't go swimming with it, but it's survived all of the splashes and minor soakings it's received while out on the kayak. The clip is pretty convenient; I just clip it to my vest or shorts, and no worries whenever a swell gives a bit of a splash. I use the case with a 2nd Gen iPod Touch, which fits easily and securely into the case. Because of the foam inserts in the front of the case, it will also fit other similar-sized electronics, even if they're a bit thicker. I have a G1 phone, and it fits right in as well. As with all Pelican cases, it's very sturdy, and I have no doubts I could throw my iPod at a wall, drop it on the ground, sit on it, maybe even stand on it with no damage. Only problem is that you cannot operate the iPod whenever the case is closed. If you have a good music list, it's not really a problem, and as long as you're relatively dry, it only takes a moment to open the front and do what you need to.


    Junction City, KS


    This is going to be cheap insurance for my iPhone 4 when I'm doing things outdoors. It fits my iPhone 4 while it's still in it's case-mate Barely There case with some room to spare. I saw a Youtube video that said that the remote on the earbuds did not work, he might have been using and older version of the case, or he just didn't know what he was talking about, because the one I received has the standard 3 ring headphone plug that supports the mic and playback controls! So far it looks like this is going to be a good case and heavy duty protection.

    Mark Fleser


    i1015 Smartphone Dry Case by Pelican Products for Kayaking

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