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Paddleboy Original Kayak Cart
  • $98.95
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Original Kayak Cart

  • 200 lb. capacity
  • Drawn anodized aluminum
  • 8" x 2" non-removable treaded wheels
  • 10-17” adjustable height
  • 19 in upright distance between bars
  • Padded lower bar
  • Bungee cord attachment
  • Folds to 38in x 9in x 9in
  • Floats
  • Shopping Info
    Paddleboy Original Kayak Cart - The Paddleboy Original stern kayak & canoe cart is perfect for rolling your boat just about anywhere. Just slide your kayak into the cradle, secure it with the shock-cord strap, and off you go. With a 200-pound carrying capacity, this cart can handle a fully loaded boat. The large treaded wheels with bronze, oiled bushings will keep you rolling smoothly. When not it use, it folds for compact storage. And just in case, the Paddleboy kayak cart floats!

    Specs for Paddleboy Original Kayak Cart:

    Adjustable Height Upright Distance Folded Dimensions Capacity
    10 - 17" 19" 38" x 9" x 9"" 200 lbs

    Click Here For A Sizing Chart

    Every now and then, you come across something that makes life so much easier that you have to sit back and wonder how you lived for so long without it; the Paddleboy Original is one such example. I bought one after a friend of mine told me about how she used hers to tow her boat from her house to the beach; which was about half a mile away. This got me to thinking about how I usually went about getting my kayak down to the shoreline, which was to hoist it up on my shoulder and carry it down to the water from were I parked my truck. Followed by a second trip back to the truck to get my extra large Tupper Ware container with all my gear in it, followed by a third trip back to the truck to get rid of the container. That's three trips in all which is a lot of running back and forth not to mention that being the paranoid type that I really hated leaving my kayak and gear on the beach out of sight while returning to my truck each time. So after researching it I decided to go ahead and buy a Paddleboy Original for the following reasons. Solid wheels: I wanted wheels that were not going to go flat, yet still provide adequate traction and support for most of the terrain that I expected to tow my kayak over. If you plan to tow your kayak over sand or long distances then solid wheels may not be the best choice for you, instead go with one of the larger inflatable wheel models. Foldable: Remember what I said about all those trips to the truck? Well if you cannot fold the carrier up and place it inside of your kayak then your going to have to make a trip back to your vehicle to lock it up or leave it on shore. The Original folds down to a compact size and fits into the rear hatch of my Prijon Barracuda or Touryak. One other foldable feature that I was looking for was to not to have to take the thing apart so I could place it in my rear hatch. The Original solves this problem by being collapsible, all you have to do is pick it up and it folds. Straps: when I get down to the water I'm like a little kid in the candy store and all I want to do is get going, so one of the things that I did not want to do was spend a great deal of time strapping the carrier to the kayak with ratchet straps etc. The Original solves this problem by securing the carrier to the kayak with an adjustable bungee cord and hook that maintains pressure on the carrier to keep it from sliding off the kayak, works for me. Easy on and easy off, just the way I like it. If you think, you are going to be hauling your kayak over a lot of uneven terrain then a full strap on model I think would hold the kayak to the carrier better. End mount: you have two choices when it comes to mounting your carrier to your kayak, either center or end mount, each has its advantages. For me I went with the end mount because it was faster and easier to attach to the kayak, but for every advantage there is a disadvantage and for the end mounts its the weight you have to support when towing the kayak, if you have a really heavy load or have to go a long distance then go with a center mount. The Paddleboy's fit and finish is very good, the wheels are heavy duty enough as is the metal frame and bungee cord. I see no reason why with proper care that this product shouldn't provide years of dependable service, and while the cost is more than I wanted to pay I think it's offset by the money I saved in medical bills that I didn't have to shell out for fixing my aching back. Money well spent!



    I love this cart. It's so easy to slide on and hook. I put the cart on the stern and slide the kayak off my truck, I load everything in to the boat and swing it down to the beach. This thing is great.

    Mr. Finn


    This design is perfect for short hauls over relatively flat, hard terrain. If you're just hauling your yak from the car to the launch, single-handed, you can pop this cart over the stern and attach the bungee cord to the cockpit coaming in under 10 seconds. The hard wheels mean you'll never get a flat tire, which is almost guaranteed with inflatable tires. However, unlike a center balance cart, you're carrying most of the weight at your end. So, if you're hauling some distance, with all your stuff, over sand or over rough terrain, you want to get a center balance cart with pneumatic tires. I have both types and this one is the easiest to use and suitable for most circumstances. It's my first choice for everything except the most demanding portage. However, don't expect it to do something it wasn't designed to do.


    Plymouth, MA


    Original Kayak Cart Trolly by Paddleboy Seattle Sports for Kayaking Transportation

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