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Paddleboy Molly Kayak Cart
  • $55.96
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Molly Kayak Cart

  • Weight capacity: 150 lbs.
  • Thermal-molded plastic body
  • 14”x 10”x 6”
  • V-shaped to match a sit-inside sea kayak's keel
  • Stainless steel axle
  • 8-inch x 1.75-inch hard wheels
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • 9-foot strap w/ side-release buckle
  • Stores "as is"
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    Paddleboy Molly Kayak Cart - This kayak cart is designed specifically for sit-inside sea/touring kayaks. The Molly kayak cart is 14"x10"x6" and weighs only 3.5 pounds. It fits in practically any sea kayak hatch, with no disassembly required for storage. The thermal-molded, yellow body is eye-catching and extremely strong, able to haul up to 150 pounds. Just lift your boat up on the V-shaped platform, attach the side-release buckle, and get rolling. The V-shape to the cart matches your sea kayak's keel, holding your boat securely in place. The Molly's stainless steel axle and 8-inch wheels keeps you moving smoothly.
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    I ordered a Molly when I bought my sea kayak from you last year. This cart is a bargain. It fits in my hatch, goes on and off really easy and because of its size I can leave it mounted on the kayak when transporting it and it protects the hull from scrapes when unloading the boat. Great value!


    Basking Ridge NJ


    It's light, fits into hatch without disassembly and works great on hard surfaces. If you need to go into sand forget about it. The wheels dig into the sand and act like a brake. Other than sand it works great.

    dan dibiaso

    darien illinois


    I bought this cart thinking it would work with my Future Beach and my Loon but it doesn't at all! It's too narrow and the shape of the cart does not match the shape of my boats. The only way this Molly cart will work is if you have one of those long, thin, kayaks that have those tippy v shaped bottoms. I thought I was getting a bargain but it appears that I need one of those $100 carts instead.

    Albert Avery

    Mobile, AL



    Purchased the Molly as a compromise between price and the fact that I don't have all that rough of terrain to navigate from parking to shoreline. I've used it on a 14 ft sea kayak for about a month and it's worked well up till this morning when the plastic hook snapped after just a quick tug on the tightening strap. I'm not a big guy, and I wasn't wrenching on it. Outdoorplay found a replacement hook, and I'll try that. 


    Tri-Cities, WA


    Got a Molly Cart Dolly for Christmas this past year. Tried it out for the first time this past weekend. Apparently my daughter did not read that it is for sit ins not sot's. Doesn't work and I can't bring myself to tell her. It would break her heart.

    Dawn Panier

    Gulfport, Fl


    I've used the Molly for a couple of years now for my Pungo and it works well. I did find that the plastic strap hardware was a bit flimsy and I ended up replacing the straps with ones that had metal buckles. Also, I found that attaching some pool noodle to the top of the cart made the "fit" with the kayak better and helped to hold it better.


    Albany, NY


    Paddleboy Molly Kayak Cart Trolly for Kayaking Transportation

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