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Cleanwaste Pett Go-Anywhere Portable Toilet
  • $103.90
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Toilet System

  • Injection molded, high-impact, ultraviolet-stable polymer
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Stable 3-leg design
  • Approved for multi-day river use in every state
  • Complies w/ federal landfill disposal standards
  • 19"L X 13"W X 14"H (set up)
  • 19"L X 14"W X 5"H (folded)
  • 7 lbs, supports up to 500 lbs.
  • Includes
    • 1 portable toilet
    • 3 WAG/GO anywhere toilet kits
    • Instruction sheet
  • Shopping Info
    Cleanwaste Pett Go-Anywhere Portable Toilet - Enjoy dignified convenience with the Pett go-anywhere portable toilet. This self-contained toilet system is approved for multi-day river use in every state. The rugged Pett weighs just seven pounds and closes to standard briefcase size. Fold-out legs provide a strong, stable base that is standard toilet height and size. The inner waste bag is held securely in place and can be removed or replaced in a sanitary manner. Bioactive non-toxic gelling powder encapsulates liquid and solid waste, neutralizing odors and accelerating decomposition. Full bags can simply be put into the provided zip-close, puncture resistant containment bag, and thrown in any normal trash container. No mixing, messy chemical waste storage tanks or dump stations to deal with. Great for boating, camping and as part of a home emergency kit, the Cleanwaste Pett go-anywhere toilet is a truly unique portable waste collection and disposable system.
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    This thing works fine. Takes a couple seconds to set up. The legs are a little hard to get "unlocked" at first, because the entire thing is molded plastic. When set up, the lid looks like it will stay put like a seat back, but that isn't the case. It just falls off, because it fits into slots that don't lock down. It's pretty easy to set up the Wag Bag inside of the netting. You'll have to make sure that you spread out the baggy to provide a big enough target. The Wag Bag kit comes with toilet paper and an antiseptic wet nap. There's a powder inside the bag, so you have to open it up slowly when getting ready to "install" it in the netting. I would recommend having your own TP, as the stuff that's provided isn't that great. Baby wipes are good to have on hand. When done with your business, the bag has enough extra plastic to fold over the top and avoid touching anything. It pushes easily into the zip-loc style pouch, and then you can stuff the wet naps in and zip it closed. Easy to dispose of in any trash can, too. I'm about 250 lbs., and this thing supports my weight with no problems. It doesn't feel shaky at all. It's a little shorter than a normal toilet, but it's not a problem. As for storage, it doesn't take up much space at all. It's light, and has a carrying handle.

    Sean P Rooney

    Atlanta, GA


    This is an excellent product. Strong and sturdy, I have no fears of it collapsing under my weight. It is, however, not quite as tall as a conventional toilet, which is one of its advertising points. It's 2 inches shorter than the toilet in my home. That doesn't sound like a MAJOR deal, but for those of us with bad backs and knees, it's sometimes an issue. Otherwise...it's a winner.

    Suzette Crim



    We have been using our PETT toilet for about a year. It's terrific to tote along on camping trips to places that either have no facilities or smelly outhouses. We like that the WAG bags are biodegradable, too - it's good to know they won't be sitting in some landfill 50 years from now.

    Patrice Sigmon

    High Point, NC


    I'm an avid backpacker so, I don't have a problem doing the doodie in the forest behind a tree. But, when taking the family (wife and 2 girls) out camping where there are no facilities, this product is essential. Set up is a breeze. Anyone with a brain can figure it out. The bags are easily placed inside the mesh pocket underneath the seat. Just make sure the circumference of the lid closes down on top of the plastic bag. Have your own toilet paper and baby wipes for a fresher clean. We concluded that you could use one bag at least twice, depending on how much waste there was. This helps because the bags are a little expensive. Just make sure you close the toilet lid to keep the bugs and flies away. Also make sure that the toilet is on terra firma (stable, flat ground) because even though the seat is extremely stable, leaning to one side can tip it over. Worth every penny. Very happy with the purchase.

    T.O. Joe


    This has been one of the best purchases for tent camping. We boat to an island and don't always have access to a camp ground. I highly recommend this product. I bought one for a friend for Christmas, as well.


    Northwest AR


    Pett Go-Anywhere Portable Toilet by Cleanwaste for Rafting

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