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North Water Regulation Micro Kayak Tow Line
  • $68.90
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Water Regulation Micro Kayak Tow Line

  • Waist-worn tow system
  • 55 ft of 5/32 inch line
  • Stainless steel exterior carabiner
  • Floatation built into the bag
  • High-visibility reflective tape
  • 8.5 in X 3.5 in X 2.5 in
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    North Water Regulation Micro Kayak Tow Line - The Regulation Micro Tow Line from North Water is compact, fast, easy to use and priced to not break the bank. With 55 feet of line this waist worn tow system accommodates a pre-set short or long tow. Two wide gate stainless steel keyhole-eye carabiners are anchored to the outside of the pouch on either side for immediate access. Unclip one biner for a short tow then unclip the other for a long tow. If you need to tow two boats it is already set up. Stay safe with the North Water Regulation Micro Kayak Tow Line.
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    This is a fail-safe, no brainer that does just what it's supposed to. It is compact and easy to deploy. You have the option of a short tow or long tow. I re-tied the rope so and coded one biner with a single zap strap to indicate it was the shorter line and the other with 2 straps to indicate it was the longer line. I tied both lines to the middle ring in the bag instead of only to one point. You might want to add some flotation Styrofoam to the bag just in case you accidentally unclip both ends and your waist belt and you lose the whole rig. Very nice taco belt tow system to use everyday. Great quality construction.


    Vernon, BC


    Regulation Micro Tow Line by North Water for Kayaking

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