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Necky Manitou II Tandem Recreational Kayak
  • $1,139.99
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Manitou 2 Recreational Kayak

  • Superliner polyethylene plastic
  • Active Comfort System (ACS) seats
    • Ultra-plush waterproof EVA foam Comfort Cushion Seat Pad
    • Multi-laminate constructtion w/ air-flow & drainage
    • 4-way adjustability w/ lateral stabilizers
    • Intuitive controls
  • Adjustable foot pegs
  • 16.5" x 10.5" rear hatch w/ bulkhead
  • Cross Lock Buckle System & Quick Seal closure
  • Bow & stern deck rigging
  • Safety perimeter lines
  • Bow & stern carry handles
  • Removable kid's jump seat
  • A size 2.2 Deck Seals spray skirt and cockpit cover fits the front cockpit of the Manitou II, while the stern cockpit takes a 7.5 Deck Seals spray skirt and cockpit cover.

    Shopping Info
    Length Width Weight Front Cockpit Rear Cockpit Stern Hatch
    14' 8" 28" 75 lbs. 37 x 19" 50.5 x 20" 16.5 x 10.5"

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    Necky Manitou II Tandem Recreational Kayak - The Necky Manitou II tandem recreational kayak is an incredibly versatile two-person kayak, combining the feel and glide of a touring boat with the stability and comfort of a recreational kayak. The unique dual cockpits comfortably seat two adults. A removable kid's jump seat lets you bring along the little one for a full family outing. The reat seat can also be adjusted for solo paddling. Once inside the Necky Manitou II tandem recreational kayak, you'll be sitting on nothing less than the most comfortable seats on the market. The Active Comfort System seats use an ultra-plush waterproof EVA foam Comfort Cushion seat pad. The seating surface moves with your body as you paddle, providing all-day comfort, breathability and drainage. With the 4-Way Adjustment System you'll be able to fine-tune your backrest, seat, and thigh support for the perfect fit! The stern hatch gives you room to bring a picnic along for a full day on the water. The Necky Manitou II tandem recreational kayak’s relatively compact size and low weight make carrying or car-topping easy. With all of these wonderful features and design, it's easy to see why the Necky Manitou II tandem recreational kayak consistently stands out from the crowd.

    Note: Each multicolor boat is unique, and color patterns vary boat to boat.

    Don't forget spray skirts and cockpit covers! Skirts are important for keeping water out of the boat and the cockpit covers help keep out rain, dust, and things that crawl! A size 2.2 Deck Seals spray skirt and cockpit cover fits the front cockpit of the Manitou II, while the stern cockpit takes a 7.5 Deck Seals spray skirt and cockpit cover.

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    Nice tandem! We’ve been on two trips and I love this boat. The back cockpit area is large enough for my dog to come along. I don't know if the jump seat leaves enough room for a large paddler and child, but it is great for large paddler and a small dog. I’m giving it a 4 because the front bulkhead has no hatch and is a bit cramped for taller people. With the pegs and seat fully back I can still put my feet on the bulkhead. I now stay in the back cockpit. There needs to be a hatch on the front like the great storage in the back. Due to the amount of storage space you’d be limited to an overnight trip. I realize this boat is not really designed for multi day trips but it’s just so much fun to paddle that you sure will want to try. It’s a very dry ride, too!

    Samantha Brooks

    Owings Mill MD


    My wife and I purchased a Manitou II early this spring and after a full summer of use, I can give it a great rating. We also purchased a Manitou 13 at the same time, so that we can comfortably go out with our six-year-old son on day-trips. The two kayaks together have been a perfect fit for us -- my wife will normally take the 13, while I'll sit in the back of the II with our son in the front. The adjustable seats are great because I can slide both seats just a little ways forward to balance our weight better, and with my son only paddling a little bit in front, I can be in a slightly more central position. I've taken it out solo several times and find it performs nicely with the seat all the way forward, though as a solo kayak it feels heavy and slow compared to the Manitou 13. It is surprisingly easy to paddle solo though (or with a kid in front who's not paddling much), and I can easily keep up with my wife in the Manitou 13.



    We bought this kayak so our whole family can go kayaking together. I usually paddle my solo and my husband paddles in the stern of the Manitou II with our 4 year old son in the jump and our 10 year old daughter in the bow. We also looked at the Perception Acadia II 14.0 and the Dagger Blackwater II 13.5. We liked the fact that the Necky has 2 separate cockpits, whereas the Perception and Dagger have 1 long open cockpit. Hatches are watertight; seats are comfortable; foot pegs are easy to adjust; kayak is easy to turn when we're not going too fast; both paddlers' seats adjust forward or back; jumpseat is removable; bow has foam flotation; kayak is very stable. Overall, the Manitou II does what we expected of it and we will enjoy it as our family grows. When our son is old enough to paddle in the bow, we will graduate our daughter to a solo and permanently remove the jump seat; then when our son is ready to graduate to a solo, my patient husband can finally enjoy a solo, too!



    Manitou II Tandem Kayak by Necky Kayaks for Kayaking

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