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Looksha 17 w/ Rudder
  • $1,699.99
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Looksha 17 Kayak With Rudder

  • Superlinear polyethylene plastic
  • Active Comfort System (ACS)

    • Adjustable ergonomic seat
    • Adjustable thigh braces
    • Adjustable foot braces

  • Reflective deck rigging w/ perimeter safety line
  • Deck rigging w/recessed fittings
  • 16.5 in x 10.5 in bow & stern hatches
  • Cross Lock hatch system w/ neoprene inner covers
  • Bonded & sealed bulkheads
  • Rudder system w/ adjustable foot pedals

  • Don't forget a sprayskirt & cockpit cover! A size 1.7 Deck nylon Seals skirt & cover fit the Necky Looksha 17.

    Shopping Info

    Length Width Weight Cockpit
    17' 4" 23.75" 68 lbs. 33 x 17.25"

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    Necky Looksha 17 Sea Touring Kayak - The Looksha 17 is a sporty, high-volume touring kayak designed for covering distance. With high initial stability, excellent glide and outstanding acceleration, it ensures that strong currents, tides or 4' wind chop up won't slow you down. Designed for all day comfort the ACS seat features a visible, intuitive adjustment system, multi-laminate construction for optimal support and softness, an enhanced seating surface for superior air-flow and drainage and lateral stabilizers which lock the seat in place for that "one with the boat" feeling. The four-way adjustable seat tailors individual backrest height, thigh support, lumbar support and backrest angle to provide a truly customized ride. The retractable aluminum rudder helps tracking in wind and strong currents, and can take lots of abuse. When stowing gear, you'll find the bow and stern hatches are the largest hatch openings ever designed by Necky. The easy to open Cross Lock System also means getting into your hatches is simple. It carries a lot of gear, and its big, yet "performance" fit makes it perfect for longer camping trips or just a day of sightseeing.

    Don't forget a spray skirt and cockpit cover! A skirt is important for keeping water out of the boat and the cockpit cover helps keep out rain, dust, and things that crawl! A size 1.7 Deck nylon Seals skirt and cockpit cover fits the Looksha 17.

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    The Looksha 17 is very stable (as stable as my Tsunami 145). The cockpit fits very nicely and it is great for a nice relaxing paddle. I found it to be a slow paddle though. It took a lot of work to get it up to speed, and then it dropped speed very quickly once I stopped. Maybe I am down on the speed because I am comparing it to the Elaho HV, which is very fast and paddles almost effortlessly. The other thing I don't like about it is that it sits high out of the water and wind cocks with the slightest breeze. Using the rudder is almost a must with any wind. Secondary stability appears to be good, but it is a dog when it comes to turning. The flip side is that my wife loves it. She is a slower, see the sights kind of paddler and it fits her perfect also. Also, it seems to be a very high quality build, though a bit heavy at 65 lbs. It is a good kayak for the price we paid and we would have had to jump a few hundred more dollars to look at anything else comparable like a Tempest, so we are content with it.

    Mike Bills

    Sacramento CA


    The Looksha 17 is a very comfortable, stable, and I have to disagree with the previous comment, fast boat. I’m an adventure racer and have to train in multiple sports. I found the Looksha 17 to be the type of boat that I can jump into and feel very secure, even in 6 ft swells. I’m 6’ 4” and 225 lbs. and I really love the room in the cockpit. And this boat is fast! I was told that as a racer I should buy a fiberglass boat but those things are so expensive. This boat is a great deal and very durable. I would recommend this boat to anyone that needs a good open water kayak to go fast.

    John Jefferson

    Arlington, VA


    Great boat. I use this as my primary boat for multi-day trips (my longest was 7 days). Comfortable, roomy fit for me, and plenty of room for all my camping gear. Tracks nicely, especially when loaded, but still responds well. It doesn't turn on a dime the way my Chatham does, but more than makes up for that with room & stability for long days in the cockpit. Deck is simple but well-laid out, with plenty of attachment points for safety gear, maps, and other neccesaries. I also have used the boat in conjuction with a sail & had a blast. If you're looking to rack up miles while staying comfortable, check the Looksha 17 out.

    Brian Massey

    Hood River, OR


    Looksha 17 Touring Sea Kayak w/ Rudder by Necky Kayaks

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