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NRS HydroSkin Kayak Layering

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NRS HydroSkin is your answer to a comfortable, warm weather piece of kayak layering replacing the old traditional bulky neoprene wetsuit. NRS HydroSkin with TiCoat insulation is 90% as warm as a standard 2mm wetsuit. Also, the combination of thinner neoprene and four-way stretch PowerSpan outer fabric in the NRS HydroSkin makes it very non-restrictive to body movement. The brushed finish ThermalPlush inner layer is comfortable against your skin. All NRS HydroSkin neoprene kayak clothing uses the Titanium adhesive, thus increasing warmth and comfort without adding bulk.

Thermal clothing is used greatly by kayakers and consists as it traps warm air against the body, creating a insulation layer, and NRS HydroSkin is the best.

A classic insulation layer is NRS HydroSkin. A long sleeve top, suit and pants made from Hydro Skin is a great outfit to wear under a kayaking drytop or drysuit. A NRS HydroSkin suit, shirt, or pants will keep you warm on even the coldest day.

Most Popular Kayaking Hydroskin:

NRS makes the only and best Hydroskin kayak layering.