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NRS Co-Pilot River Rescue Kayak Knife
  • $31.75
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Co Pilot Rescue Kayak Knife

  • 4.6oz
  • HC stainless steel blade w/ mirror finish
  • Glass-reinforced polypropylene w/ TPR over-molded handle
  • Glass-reinforced nylon sheath
  • Smooth & serrated sections of blade
  • Square handle hole is an O2 tank wrench
  • Bottle opener in handle
  • Blunt tip/flathead screwdriver
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    NRS Co-Pilot River Rescue Kayak Knife - The Pilot Knife by NRS now has a little brother - the NRS Co-Pilot. Complete with great features such as smooth and serrated cutting edges, blunt safety tip & bottle opener. Its compact design is a fine fit on your PFD. The Co-Pilot is an excellent knife for freshwater boating and rescue. It has both super-sharp smooth and serrated sections for all of your cutting needs. The blunt tip design protects against unintentional puncture of your gear or yourself and also doubles as a flat-head screwdriver. The unique sheath firmly locks the knife in place and only lets it go when you squeeze both sides of the release. The contoured handle and rubberized grip give you maximum control of the blade. The sheath clip attaches firmly to a PFD lash tab. The handle also includes a handy bottle opener and an oxygen tank valve wrench. The Co-Pilot Rescue Kayak Knife by NRS is a handy and trusty companion for you and your mates.
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    I have/used a NRS full size pilot knife for several years. Needless to say, I would scrape into, especially during re-entrys since I keep it attached to my PFD and it sticks out too much. I also chipped the blade and will most likely return it to NRS. the co-Pilot on the other hand is much smaller, better steel construction, metal clamp where the blade connects to the sheath, and does everything the Pilot does. THe smaller size alone makes it perfect to attach to a PFD and won't get in the way of your paddle swing or jab you as you're trying to climb back into your boat. It's a re-engineered much smaller, better built, and less obtrusive pilot knife that no kayaker should be without.


    Oakland, Ca


    A sharp blade that's easy to access on your PFD might just one day save your life, which is why I wear mine every time I go out. I reserve my NSR Co-Pilot for emergency tasks, so I do not utilize it regularly as a utility tool, but it is light-weight, unobtrusive, and the sheath is very secure yet offers fast intuitive access. I've gone through countless wet exits/entries while canoeing and kayaking as well as swiftwater and whitewater training exercises and this tool has never gotten in my way nor accidentally released from the sheath. It also remains sharp and is still stain/rust free. I'd recommend this knife without hesitation.




    Nice size, nice sheath, very handy on my pfd, but I'm not sure how useful it will be in an emergency, as it isn't particularly sharp. When I tried to cut a bit of line for a lanyard for it, I had to go get scissors - the copilot barely frayed the line, whereas my dull kitchen scissors cut it with one snip. - Ominous.




    Co-Pilot Rescue Knife by NRS Northwest River Supply for Kayaking

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