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Metolius Rock Climbing Rabbit Runner Sling
  • $13.50
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Rock Climbing Rabbit Runner Sling

  • Versatile runner
  • 3/4" (19 mm) Metolius Power Webbing
  • 2 oz. (57 g) weight
  • 44" (1.1 m) length
  • 22 kN (4950 lbf) strength
  • Carabiners not included
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    Metolius Rock Climbing Rabbit Runner Sling - The Rabbit Runner Sling by Metolius Climbing is an extremely versatile runner. Made of 3/4 inch Metolius Power Webbing, the Rabit Runner features sewn end loops that allow it to be used as a shoulder sling or double sling. It is full-strength even in a single strand configuration. The Metolius Climbing Rabbit Runner Sling is a must for alpine and ice climbers.


    Please Note: Carabiners not included

    Specs for the Metolius Climbing Rabbit Runner Sling:

    Weight Webbing Size Length Strength
    2 oz. (57 gm) 3/4" (19 mm) 44" (1.1 m) 22 kN (4950 lbf)

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    Great for setting up a really-easy-to-equalize belay. Very cost effective for a versatile piece. Girth hitch to belay loop and use the sewn ends on a spring locker for a chicken sling that won't elongate on your harness before you need it. Can be double or tripled to appropriate size. Shorter on the harness (than a 44" spectra sling) when tripled on a biner and overhand knotted, so again less likely to get hung up. Plus fat and bright so it helps to reduce confusion if your smoked and snow stunned. I carry three on my rock and three on my alpine harness. no real advantage for glacier scenarios that I've observed.

    minnesota mike



    Mark Twight has been using these things forever, and I'm surprised more alpinists don't. They're heavier than an 8mm, yes, but they don't cluster around your neck, you can pull one off without lowering your arms, and each 1 is either a single length or double length sling, depending on what you need for each piece.

    James Stewart


    These slings can be used as both single length and double length, so you have a choice while looking at a piece to extend as much as you want. I lend them out to friends who find its great for attaching to anchors (I prefer clove hitching with a rope for dynamic strength), the only disadvantage is that you can only use them to equalize pieces in shoulder length configuration, if you try to do equalize as a double length, you can't be redundant, so I also carry double length petzl slings as well.


    W. Tisbury


    Rabbit Runner Sling by Metolius Climbing for climbing

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