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MSR Reactor 1.7L Camping Stove System
  • $199.95
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Reactor Stove System

  • 1.7-liter pot
  • Patent-pending radiant burner & heat exchanger
  • Precision pressure regulation
  • 3.5 minute boil time (1L water)
  • Collapsible handle
  • Locking see-through lid
  • 18.1 oz. (513 g)

  • 4 oz. MSR IsoPro fuel fits inside pot (sold separately)
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    MSR Reactor 1.7L Camping Stove System - The revolutionary new MSR Reactor camping stove is the fastest-boiling, most fuel-efficient, stove system ever made! The MSR Reactor stove offers unprecedented canister stove performance in challenging conditions, promoting superior wind protection while the internal regulator equalizes fuel pressure for optimal performance at all fuel levels. The Reactor's compact and easy to use design utilizes a patent-pending canister stove and a high-efficiency 1.7-liter pot that makes it great for everything from solo trips to cooking for groups of up to three people. The Reactor stove outperforms the competition in lab tests—boiling 1 liter of water in just 3 minutes—with an even greater advantage in challenging conditions. The patent-pending radiant burner and heat exchanger make the Reactor Stove the most efficient all-condition stove system, allowing you to carry less fuel. The radiant burner head is enclosed by a heat exchanger for total protection.

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    Specs for MSR Reactor 1.7L Stove System :

    Size Fuel Boil Time
    (1L Water)
    Water Boiled
    (Per 8oz Fuel)
    Burn Time
    (Per 8 oz Fuel)
    1.0L MSR IsoPro 3.5 minutes 19 liters ~ 80 minutes 17.03 oz (491g)
    1.7L MSR IsoPro 3 minutes 22 liters ~ 80 minutes 18.1 oz. (513g)
    2.5L MSR IsoPro 3 minutes 22 liters ~ 80 minutes 21.4 oz (607g)

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    First of all let me declare myself as an avid Dragonfly user. I bought the Reactor to add to my collection and try something new. The biggest drawback to the Reactor is that it is a one pot stove and practically a one stove pot. The pot will fit on a Dragonfly, but my pot I use with the Dragonfly won't fit on the Reactor. I like that all the pieces of the Reactor fit in the pot with either size fuel canister. I wish they would have put a self ignitor on the Reactor. I've run several unscientific tests to boil water outside (36 degrees, light breeze) with three stoves against the Reactor. The other stoves were white gas, propane and IsoPro. The Reactor was not noticeably any faster or any slower. It was quicker to set up and easier to set up. You can't use a wind screen, and you don't need to use one.



    Lately I have decided to reduce the amount of work that I need to do on multi-day kayak trips. To me this means less cooking and cleaning. I like to bring either store bought or home made boil in the bag meals that I add spices to. The Reactor is perfect for this use as all I need is boiling water and the reactor delivers this in just a few minutes. One warning is that it is not initially clear that the stove is lit when you light it. You should be very careful and I find this a teeny bit stressful when lighting the stove. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the need to bring pre-filled cans of fuel. They just take up space when empty and require recycling on your part after the trip but this is an acceptable trade-off in convenience. Bottom line is that I love this stove and recommend it to any one who needs hot water fast.


    Tonopah, NV


    Reactor 1.7L Stove System by MSR for camping

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