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MSR Quick 2 System
  • $79.96
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Quick 2 System

  • Quick 2 System includes:

    • 1 1.5L hard-anodized nonstick aluminum pot
    • 1 2.5L hard-anodized aluminum pot w/ strainer lid
    • 1 Talon pot handle
    • 2 polypropylene DeepDish plates
    • 2 insulated stainless steel mugs

  • Nested design
  • 7.75-in x 5-in
  • 1 lb 12 oz (795g)
  • Shopping Info
    MSR Quick 2 Cook System - The Quick2 system from MSR is a complete cook and eat system, designed as the go-to solution for the widest range of backcountry uses and meals. The Quick2 utilizes dual cooking surfaces with both nonstick and uncoated hard-anodized aluminum for the ultimate in lightweight, cook-anything utility. Insulated mugs and DeepDish plates combine with a compact efficient nesting design, saving valuable pack room without leaving anything out. The MSR Quick2 system keeps the cooking part of your trip effortless and organized

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    Been using it for 3 seasons and barely shows any sign of wear. From car camping with all the luxuries, multiday kayaking trips, and minimalist overnights, thsi set has proved its worth. Used to use my friends GSI minimalist 2 but it was too small. The wider base and extra room allows me to cook for more than two if necessary. All that is needed is for the extra person to carry there own plate/bowl and mug. The wider base is much more stable on the burner as well. Anyone who has tried to stir a slim tall pot knows how tough it can be. I can stir one handed! I realize that this unit is slightly heavier than the aforementioned GSI. If you are really going for weight savings than a single pot is the answer anyways. Cleaning has never been difficult. A little water in the pot, maybe heat it up a bit, and wipe it out. Viola. The mugs are great and keep coffee hot much longer than you'd expect. A definite bonus!


    Salen, MA


    We recently took this set with us snowshoing on an overnight mountain campout. We used the plates to shovel snow into our pots to boil water, our head lamps nestled nicely in between the cups and all the tea/coffee/hot chocolate we could want fit into the mugs, and the whole thing packs so compact. We have also transported eggs in the cups and they don't break. All of this is carried in our packs and we didn't notice any weight. The pots were so easy to clean, I am almost temped to use them in the house. Great product that smartly nests and has no weight. Also the lids fit really nicely on the mugs.


    British Columbia


    I like to use this full system on short hikes (within a couple miles), but I usually dont need everything included unless Im hiking with inexperienced friends who do not have equipment. It is very easy to only use half the sysyem. I love being able to detach the handles, and use them on other items, they're also strong enough to support a full pot of water. As stated, I like the locking system on the lid. I dont like that this system isnt really compatible with my MSR frying pan, other than the handle (but this wouldnt stop me from buying again). The plastic grommet supporting the handle on top on the lid cracked, but still works (which is why I gave the item a 4/5). I bought one of these for my sister.

    Hike Glacier Nat

    Great Falls, Montana


    This system is great! Four of us went backpacking and because we were willing to eat out of the same pot this quick 2 system was more than enough for all of us. The pots heat up easily and seems sturdy (only used once with bamboo utensils) and the handle worked great. Do have to be careful when unlocking handle that it is not hot. The red plastic piece survived low heat burning (we were cooking with kerosene in 30 degree weather, flames were orange with lots of black smoke). Cups were perfect too, even with boiling hot water in them I had no issue holding it. The cover keeps the drink hot for long enough because I still burned my tongue after my tea had been sitting around for over 15 min. Lid is really convenient because it could be used as strainer and the big pot has a little hook to keep lid on. Overall weight is less than three pounds and it takes up minimal space for the amount of items included. I'd say this set is good for at least two people but probably will work for two couples.

    Riva Deng


    After recently hiking back country in Yellowstone and going on a few local campsites in Maryland I must say that this cookset is awesome. It is light and is extremely well made. It is aluminum and heats extremely fast when boiling water or even cooking food. My one gripe is that there is no second lid for the smaller pot. A second would be useful when out in the wild when you are using one pot for boiling water and another for cooking other dishes to prevent insects from getting in either pot and/or prevent the smell of the food from traveling too far which is a major concern in bear country.

    A. Kennedy


    Quick 2 System by MSR for Camping

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